Should we love dark forces and give them our light?

TOPICS: Many spiritual people uncomfortable about the topic of dark forces – you have learned to protect yourself from bacteria without fearing them – easy to protect yourself from dark forces – a simple program – love with discernment – challenge the illusions of dark forces – never be attached to converting others – to live in joy and peace, you must be aware of dark forces and take precautions – spiritual people cannot ignore dark forces – the key to growth is to expand awareness – once you see a danger, you also see how to avoid it – ignorance is not bliss – true bliss is awareness –

Question: Dear brother Jesus, after reading some of your discourses and comments about the dark forces and how they are constantly and tirelessly attacking us and trying to steal our love and light energy, I have to admit I felt some fear and paranoia rising within me. I know that this is not your intention and that you desire that we completely overcome our fears. I know that fear is one of our greatest enemies? However, your imagery and words are so urgent and disturbing, that I cannot believe that I’m the only one who has had this response. Should we or should we not fear the dark forces? If we fear them, have they not won? 

Shouldn’t we, in fact, love them? Shouldn’t we offer them our love and light so that they may somehow possibly come to their senses and return to the path of light? Shouldn’t we love all of God’s children unconditionally, even if those children deny they are His children and work against Him and us? When we shed our light into the darkness, is not the darkness extinguished?
Jesus, I want to live my life in joy and peace as I work to reclaim my true identity and Christhood, not on constant guard against the attacking dark forces. Obviously I am confused about this. Perhaps I’m missing something very basic. The dark forces are our enemies. Love your enemies, but do everything you can to deny them your light? Please help me to get this straight.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


I fully understand your reaction, and I can assure you that you are not the only person who feels a sense of fear and paranoia when they first learn about dark forces and truly accept the reality that such forces do exist—contrary to what they might have been taught by science or even religion. I have attempted to be very gentle on this website in my introduction to dark forces, but as a spiritual teacher I do face somewhat of a dilemma. If I am too gentle, people will simply ignore or deny what I say, and therefore they will not be awakened. And the role of a true spiritual teacher is to awaken people, even if it causes them some temporary discomfort. Do you spare the rod of truth and spoil the child?

You might consider that as an adult, you are probably not overly concerned about the fact that there are numerous bacteria in your environment. Yet many children become greatly frightened when they are taught about the existence of these invisible entities that can enter their bodies and kill them. In fact, many children do develop a certain paranoia about the existence of bacteria, until their minds adjust to this fact and they simply start taking reasonable precautions.

My point is, that as you first become aware of a danger, it does cause some discomfort. Yet when you learn how to protect yourself from that danger, you simply start taking the necessary precautions and your fear goes away. After all, when you know how to protect yourself, you have no need for the fear.

It is much the same with dark forces. I am fully aware that millions of people, including many New Age, spiritual people, do not want to consider the existence of dark forces. Yet as is the case with bacteria, what you do not know about can indeed hurt you. So it would be irresponsible for me as a spiritual teacher to keep people ignorant in order to keep them comfortable. And the simple fact is that it is relatively easy to protect yourself from dark forces.

As I explain in several other places, the dark forces are cut off from the higher vibrations of spiritual light. Therefore, they can use only the lower energies found in the material universe. So when you invoke high-frequency spiritual energy as a shield around your energy field, you will be protected from dark forces. You might still have a few of holes in this wall of protection, created by certain false beliefs that you have come to accept. Yet as you go through the process of making contact with your Christ self, you will receive the understanding that will enable you to close those holes.

So truly, when you understand how to protect yourself, and when you make use of effective methods for invoking protection, such as Archangel Michael’s Rosary, you will experience that you are indeed protected and therefore has no need to fear dark forces. I can also recommend a simple three-step program for protecting yourself from dark forces: 

  • use the decrees to Archangel Michael to build a shield of protective energy
  • Use the decrees to Astrea to cut yourself free from any ties to dark forces
  • Use the decrees to the violet flame LINK to transform any negative energy in your energy field.

You are perfectly correct that if you do enter a vibration of fear, the dark forces will have won at least a temporary victory. They can use the fear to manipulate your thoughts and steal your spiritual light.

You are correct that you need to love dark forces, and that is why I told people to love their enemies. However, what was never recorded correctly in the scriptures is the fact that you should not give your love and your light indiscriminately to dark forces or people who are possessed by such forces. You should never cast your pearls before swine.


Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. (Matthew 7:6)


As I explained in the answer to other questions in this section, and as Mother Mary explains in her discourse, the dark forces have created certain vortexes of negative energy that are like black holes. As an individual, you simply cannot fill up such a black hole. So you need to have the discernment that helps you see when it is appropriate to withhold your light.

Dark forces will not come to their senses no matter how much love and light you give them. I have seen many people attempt to convert others this way, yet I must tell you that it cannot be done when it comes to dark forces. It can be done with many people who are not possessed by dark forces, but it cannot be done with the dark forces themselves. They will simply take your love and light and use it to support their agenda of controlling you and others. When I preached to the forces in Hell, I did not give them love and light—I challenged their illusions.

As I explain elsewhere, unconditional love is not what most people understand as love. Unconditional love can be very firm and direct in challenging people’s illusions in an attempt to help them overcome their limitations. This is how you should love dark forces and your own enemies. I see many spiritual people who become emotionally attached to converting others, and this attachment makes you vulnerable to dark forces who will exploit it to steal your light. Unconditional love is non-attached, non-possessive, and therefore it makes you invulnerable to the prince of this world who has nothing in you.

Darkness it not extinguished by you feeding it your positive energy. There are certain times where you need to avoid feeding your energy to dark forces or people. Instead, you challenge those forces and people, as you saw me do 2,000 years ago. You will notice that I was not gentle toward the scribes, the Pharisees and the lawyers. You will notice that I was not gentle with the dark spirits that had possessed people. I challenged the religious authorities and I cast out the dark spirits by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I understand fully that you want to live a life in joy and peace. Yet because planet earth is currently so affected by dark forces, there is only one way to live in joy and peace. And that is to be aware of the dangers that surround you, so that you can take the necessary precautions to protect yourself against the forces that aggressively seek to destroy your joy and peace.

I fully understand that many spiritual people have an inner memory of the conditions in heaven, where there are no dark forces, and where you therefore do not need to be on guard against them. This makes many spiritual people feel that they should not have to be concerned about dark forces, and therefore they refuse to acknowledge reality and protect themselves.

I strongly caution spiritual seekers against seeking to transfer this inner memory to planet earth. This very easily leads to wishful thinking that is only a few short steps away from outright denial. And I can assure you that many spiritual people have delayed or aborted their spiritual growth through a denial of the existence of dark forces.

With all thy getting, get understanding. As science has clearly demonstrated, once you understand a danger, you also understand how to protect yourself from it, and therefore you can overcome your fears. Knowledge is power, and you simply need to approach the topic of dark forces as you approach the topic of bacteria. Know they exist, take the necessary precautions and then live your life in an awakened state of joy and peace. Truly, ignorance is not bliss. True bliss comes only through awareness, and ultimate bliss on earth comes only through the ultimate awareness that the unconditional love of God has the power to consume all imperfections. 





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