Should the Episcopal church elect a homosexual bishop?

TOPICS: Those unbalanced in power become too judgmental – those unbalanced in love become too tolerant – how much should a church adapt to current conditions? –   Christian churches must restore Jesus’ original teachings and receive his new teachings – Christianity’s approach to homosexuality must change – yet homosexuality is not natural or created by God –

Question: The Episcopal Church in New Hampshire has elected a bishop who is openly homosexual, but the election is not yet confirmed by the church’s convention. What is your comment on this?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is inevitable that this topic will create a deep division in the Episcopal church and potentially in many other Christian churches. In my teachings on the spiritual cause of homosexuality, I explain that a debate often becomes polarized between two extremes. I explain that some people are so devoted to God’s power that they tend to become too inflexible and judgmental. Other people are so devoted to God’s love that they tend to become too lenient and accepting. This is exactly what you see happening in many modern churches. [See Jesus’ comments on modern Christianity]

You see people who hold on to a strict, or even a literal, interpretation of the Scriptures. Some of these people become fundamentalist Christians while others remain in their churches and form more conservative branches of those churches. Others have realized that if the Christian religion is to remain relevant in the coming age, then it must adapt to the current culture.

It is the struggle between these two factions that you see outpictured in the debate concerning the homosexual Bishop. This debate has the potential to split the Episcopal Church into two factions, as has happened to Christian churches many times over the past 2,000 years. This goes all the way back to the different approaches taken by Peter and Paul, which set the stage for the conflict over Christ’s divinity and thereby the split between the eastern and western churches.

Please understand that I do not make human judgments, and I do not condemn any human being. I love people on both sides of this issue, and I would like to see all of them grow. I would especially like to see them all attain a more balanced approach to religion. I would like to see them all realize that devotion to God’s power and law must always be tempered by love. I would also like them to see that devotion to God’s love must be balanced by the Christ discernment between what is of God and what is not of God. When you have this discernment, you can love people unconditionally without accepting or tolerating behavior that is out of harmony with God’s law.

I must tell you that it is entirely true that if the Christian religion is to remain relevant in the new age, it must change and adapt. Yet this adaptation must not lead to a compromise with the basic principles upon which the Christian religion is founded. The problem is that currently no Christian church is fully in alignment with those principles. This has happened because, as I explain throughout my website, the early Christian church removed many elements of my original teachings. [See Jesus’ teachings on why and how religion must change]

The only way for the Christian religion to remain relevant is that some Christians must make an effort to go back and put in what was taken out. At the same time, some Christians must make the effort to make contact with me and receive the teachings that I can release today. We talk more about this in the book, Save Yourself.

Concerning the issue at hand, let me say that when you read my teaching about the cause of homosexuality, it should be clear that homosexuality is not a condition created by God. Therefore, it is not correct to say that God created a person as a homosexual. Consequently, it is not correct to say that the church should acknowledge homosexuality as natural. When you accept this fact, I think it should be obvious that no church should elect any official who is openly homosexual.

If you are openly homosexual, you have proven that you want to make an issue out of your homosexuality. Homosexuality, and any other sexual imbalance, among clergy is an invitation to problems that will inevitably haunt the church. Why do you think the Catholic Church is currently dealing with massive sexual abuse by priests that threatens to undermine the Church’s credibility with the public? (Not to mention the immense psychological wounds this has created.)

At the same time, let me say that those who support the election of a homosexual Bishop have correctly sensed that the Christian religion’s approach to homosexuality must change. Labeling homosexuality as a sin and telling people to suppress their sexual tendencies simply is not an adequate response in this day and age. Instead, the church needs to develop a higher understanding of spiritual principles and a higher understanding of the true cause of homosexuality. The church can then create a culture in which homosexuals can receive the love of Christ and the understanding of Christ that will help them move forward on their personal path.


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