Should a business seek profit for a small elite or seek to create abundance for all?

TOPICS: Seeking profit by truly serving life – spreading abundance among all employees – people have stock in their companies – a stock market based on greed will not survive – when companies seek to stop innovation – the consciousness of lack – a business can survive only by transcending itself – new energy technology requires a shift away from seeking a monopoly – who can be the chalice for new innovations? – shifting from being at war to seeking to raise the state of abundance – Christ wants all people to have the abundant life, and business should support this goal – enlightened business philosophy – why are we in business? – what kind of legacy do business leaders want to leave? –

Question: Jesus, it seems to me that the world of business is one of the powerful forces in the world today. It can shape people’s lives in the way they lead it, it can encourage ego growth, it can encourage greed and separateness, planetary exploitation, stress, illness and even wars. And yet on the other hand it can be a center for invention and creativity, and selfless leadership and even self-realization. And a great means to realize oneness through participation in teams. So what sort of guidance do you have for the spiritualizing of business leaders and perhaps even the spiritualizing of the purpose and conduct of business, particularly as the stock market with its own aims and priorities pulls in the opposite direction, and as a bit of a catch-22, has many of our pensions tied up in it? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels (October 27, 2007).

The greatest potential for change in the business community is the realization of what I talked about in my discourse—of shifting away from the consciousness of lack to the consciousness of abundance, where business begins to realize that the more it actually serves the people and serves society, well the greater will be its return in terms of profits. But, this must also mean that the business seeks to serve the All, meaning that it does not function exclusively to produce the greatest possible profit for a small elite of its own shareholders—but that it actually seeks to spread that abundance among all of its employees.

And thus, you could say that in the Golden Age you will not have a stock market like you have it today. For the shareholders will not be rich people who can afford to buy stock, the shareholders will be all of the employees of the company. So that they have a vested interest in the company and so that they share in the abundance produced by the company.

Thus, I can assure you that the stock market you have today will not survive in the Golden Age. It simply will not survive, because it is based on greed, and greed springs from the consciousness of lack. And in the consciousness of lack you cannot produce a golden age. It cannot be built on the foundation of lack. For the foundation of lack is no foundation. It would be attempting to build a stone castle in a swamp. And the more stones you pile on top of each other, the more they will sink into the mud.

And this is indeed what the stock market is today, where you pile more and more stones on top of each other in order to build these huge multinational business empires. But they are sinking into the mud even as we speak. And there will come a point where they will be swallowed up by the emotional sea of greed, anger and fear.

What you see in the business world is a typical process where a company starts out with an innovation, but then, after the company grows to a certain size, and becomes established, perhaps even dominant, then now the company becomes focused on defending its position rather than growing further. And now the company shifts, so instead of bringing forth new innovations, it is actually focused on stopping innovations that could threaten its position in the market.

This is where you have seen many companies who for a time were in the consciousness of abundance, in the consciousness of growth, but then gradually a shift started to occur and suddenly the shift was complete. And now the company had shifted into the consciousness of lack. And for a time a company can maintain a dominant position, as you have seen Microsoft do in the software world, but inevitably, that company will begin to stagnate and eventually it will go down, unless it can shift back to the consciousness of innovation.

So, the true change that needs to happen in business is to spread the realization that no business will survive unless it is transcending itself. And the only way to transcend itself is to be devoted to bringing forth new innovation that better serves the people, that gives more abundance to the people. Now, if you want to look at an industry where you see this outpictured more clearly than anywhere else, well look at the energy business of how you have the oil companies who for so long have had almost a monopoly on the energy supply, and they are so concerned about maintaining that position, even though it is becoming increasingly obvious to the people that the days of oil are numbered—and that the numbers are running low.

In the Golden Age you will not have fossil fuel as the main energy supply. So the question is, can the oil companies shift away from the consciousness of lack where they seek to hold back alternative technologies. Can they shift into the consciousness of innovation and abundance? For if they will not shift, I can assure you that even the huge multinational energy companies of today will disappear within a decade or two. And they will become obsolete.

I must tell you that Saint Germain’s vision for releasing new technology in the energy field will not come to pass unless and until the business community shifts away from lack and into abundance, so that you do not see a consciousness where one company seeks to monopolize the new technology. For I can assure you that we will not allow this new technology to be monopolized by any company. For we know full well that this will take abundance away from the people.

So the new technology can be released only when the critical mass of business people have shifted into that growth consciousness and therefore will no longer approach business from that state of lack but approach it from the state of abundance, where they realize that the more they give to the people, the more they will receive in return. For when you have a company that is truly focused on serving the people, well do you not think that we of the ascended masters will use that company as a vehicle to bring forth new inventions—that will then give the company even greater abundance?

It is again the concept of multiplying your talents instead of burying them in the ground. Look how many companies have received an innovation and yet by seeking to attain market dominance and defend their position, they have buried their talents in the ground. Whereas if instead they have attempted to serve the people and increase the general state of abundance in society, they surely would have multiplied their talents and would have received a return current with new innovation.

The company that seeks to hold back innovation by destroying the competition obviously cuts itself off from this flow. Whereas the company that does not care about the competition – because it knows that if it is devoted to innovation it can keep outpacing the competition, always staying ahead of the competition – well that is the company that will be successful in the Golden Age.

In the book, The Art of Non-war, we give the teachings that could be used by the business community, as the business community have used the original, The Art of War. This would enable the business community to rise to a much higher level, where they would no longer see themselves as being at war with other companies, but be engaged in a universal process to raising the state of abundance in the world, thereby bringing the abundant life to all people.

Look at a very simple equation. What is it that allows a company to make a profit? It is that the company sells it products or services. Yet what is the foundation for this sale? It is that there must be customers who have the money to buy what the company offers.

Thus, is it not obvious that the more customers with money that are found in the world, the greater the potential for profit for the entire business world? And thus, the enlightened, long-term interest of the business world would be to do away with all poverty so that all people around the world have the abundant life and thus become potential customers.

What I am saying here is that the interest of the ascended masters is exactly the same as the interest of the business world—when the business world is enlightened. For did I not say that I am come that all might have life and that more abundantly? So you see that what Christ wants for all people is actually what is best for the business world as a whole.

And so what is preventing this from happening? It is the consciousness of lack that generates fear, fear that causes some large companies – and some governments – to seek to hold back innovation and growth out of fear that they will lose their positions. And this is precisely the consciousness we address in The Art of Non-war. If enough people in the business world could be helped to see the fallacy of this consciousness, a dramatic shift could occur—a shift that would open the way for taking the world to a much higher level of abundance than what you see today.

Obviously, this is the greatest potential for the business world leading society into a new era and setting the foundation for a Golden Age—for both businesses, their employees and their customers. Yet for this to happen, there must be a challenge to the consciousness of duality—that creates an artificial conflict between a business and its employees and customers. It must be seen that all human beings are part of the same whole and that what is truly best for a business is what is best for its employees and customers.

An enlightened business is based on the philosophy expressed in my statement, “What ye have done unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done unto me.” Thus, the ultimate way to “beat” the competition is NOT to destroy all other companies but to rise above the consciousness of lack, thereby taking a business into a sphere where it has no competition—for the competitors have been turned into strategic allies.

Yet for such a shift in consciousness to occur, there must be some very courageous people who dare to raise the question, “Why are we in business?” Is it to make a small elite rich and powerful – by exploiting both leaders, employees and customers and making them all unhappy in the process – or is it to give the abundant life to as many people as the business touches?

The people who can raise this question are obviously the business leaders who have devoted their lives to the business world. They need to consider what kind of legacy they want to leave this world? Is it that they made a greater profit for a few board members who already had more money than they could spend—or is it that they did something to eradicate poverty and give all people a reasonably abundant life?

One could also ask whether these leaders want to see their business become successful only in a traditional sense of whether they are willing to take their business to an entirely new level of success—an entirely new definition of success, one based on love instead of fear. Do they want to live the rest of their lives in the fear of failure, or do they want to shift into an approach to business based on love—thus being able to truly feel fulfilled in doing their work by feeling they are part of something greater than the quest for ever-higher dividends and stock prices?


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