Sharing your story is a way to gauge and measure your own progress

Question: How can I share my story without regressing psychologically or becoming re-identified with my past?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

Well, my beloved, in a sense you could say that if you use the teachings and tools to go in and resolve the birth trauma, the primal self and some of the more important selves that follow that then you won’t regress into the past. If you’re not quite at the point where you’re ready to do this or you haven’t completed the process, you can actually look upon sharing your story as a way to gauge and measure your own progress. If you do share your story and find that you are going back into certain patterns from the past then that gives you an opportunity to take the tools we have and work on those patterns. Some of you will find that as long as you are not sharing your story, you are simply hiding the unresolved elements of your psychology. They are just lying there and they are still affecting you but you’re not consciously aware of it. By sharing your story and having something come up, you get an opportunity to see what isn’t resolved and then work on it.

Now there may be some of you for whom sharing your story is so traumatic that it would cause you major problems. You could go back into a reaction that is beyond just seeing something that disturbs you and in that case you obviously shouldn’t force yourself to share your story. You should work on healing more of the trauma until you are able to share it. I can assure you that sharing your story is a very important part of the healing process. You will find that there are many therapy groups, in many different settings where people come together in as safe an environment as they can create and they have the opportunity to share their stories. There are always some people who are very reluctant to do so but you will see that when they finally do it, it’s a great relief for them. It’s a great release.

When you have the tools that we have, unless you have severe psychological conditions, it’s a great opportunity to see what is unresolved, to work on it, to then share your story again and see if there’s anything else. You keep doing this until you come to a point where you are totally at peace in sharing your story; you are totally free to share your story. That’s when you know you have healed. That’s when you know you have left it behind. You are no longer sharing your story in order to heal yourself. Now you are sharing your story in order to inspire others and at the moment you get to the point where you are totally at peace with yourself and just focused on helping others, that’s when you have healed.


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