Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

TOPICS: Great tragedy – punishing scapegoats or truly resolving the problem – giving up on religion – breaking the spiral of suffering – people coming to understand Jesus’ true teachings – meeting people’s spiritual needs in this age – faith in Jesus should not depend on earthly institution – take responsibility for YOUR Church – sexual abuse an effect of much deeper problem – organization reflects the consciousness of the members – no easy way out – the systemic problems facing the Church – the outer path versus the inner path – a fundamental misunderstanding of the path of Christ – the ongoing human power plays – airing the dirty laundry – an elitist culture – Catholics must take an active approach – reform must come from the members – follow your highest love –

Question: Jesus, would you please comment on the ongoing scandal of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There is no question that this situation is a great tragedy for all involved. There is no question that this situation has caused much pain and suffering, especially among the innocent children who have been victims of this abuse. There is no question that the priests who performed the abuse and the leaders who covered it up have made severe mistakes. Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my little ones, you have done it unto me.

That being said, I would like to bring a perspective into this debate that is not affected by the lower state of consciousness and its normal pattern of reactions. When people hear about a situation like this, they often tend to go into one of two extremes. In this case, one extreme is that many people feel outrage and anger towards the priests who performed the abuse and the leaders who covered it up. People then channel their anger into making some of their fellow Catholics into scapegoats. They want to punish the scapegoats instead of truly seeking to resolve the situation.

The other extreme is that some people feel that the sexual abuse, and especially the cover-up by leadership, casts doubt upon not only the Catholic Church but their faith in Christianity as a whole. Some people become so discouraged that they leave the Church, leave Christianity or even give up on all religion.

From my perspective, these reactions are very understandable, yet I must tell you that they are not constructive. I am not saying that people should not feel outraged. I am not saying that people should not question their beliefs or the Church. However, the real question is, “Where do you want to go from here?” Where do you want to go on a personal level, and where would you like to see the Church go?

What I would like all people to understand is that when you are trapped in the lower state of consciousness, it is very easy to go into the extremes. However, when you to fall prey to this unbalanced reaction, you will only make the situation worse. You see, in this situation everybody has already suffered a great deal. The unbalanced reactions of wanting to punish people or give up on religion will do nothing to diminish the spiral of suffering. It will only reinforce that negative spiral.

As an ascended being, an ascended master, I am always first and foremost concerned about the spiritual growth of everyone involved with a situation. Therefore, I would like to provide a perspective that could potentially help people create a positive spiral that could actually lead to a constructive outcome.

I would like to see the many Catholics who are currently questioning their faith end up with an even stronger faith in me and in my true teachings. I would also like to see the Catholic Church go through a period of reform that could realign it with my true teachings and thereby enable it to meet the spiritual needs that people have in this day and age, spiritual needs that are in many ways different from the needs that people had 2,000 years ago.

What then could bring about a positive change, an upward spiral? First of all, we need people to get back to a balanced perspective instead of being caught in the unbalanced and extremist viewpoints. I understand that many people are outraged, yet I encourage these people to channel their anger into a firm resolve to see positive change and reform in the Church.

I understand that many people are questioning their faith, not only in the Church but in Christianity as a whole. I encourage these people to realize that their faith in me should not depend on anything that happens in the outer Church or the outer world. The main theme, the main message, found on my website is that it is possible for people to build an inner, personal relationship with me that is independent of anything, and I truly mean anything, outside themselves.

I would like those who doubt their faith to realize that questioning your faith can be the first step towards strengthening and deepening your faith. We live in a rational age, and it is time for humankind to move out of the state of consciousness in which people have blind faith in their leaders or their outer organizations. If your faith is a blind faith, you are likely to follow the blind leaders who will lead you into the ditch.

In this day and age, it is more important than ever before to go deep within your heart and make contact with your higher self, your Christ self. When you make this inner contact, your faith will not be based on the shifting sands of the outer world, or even your own outer consciousness. It will be built on the rock of the Christ consciousness, of the Christ self, that you can contact directly within your heart. Our websites contain many teachings and techniques for developing a conscious contact with your Christ self. I strongly encourage people to use these tools to build an inner faith instead of the outer faith.

What I would like to see happen is that all people move out of the extremist approach to the situation and develop a balanced perspective. The very core of this balanced perspective should be a clear and uncompromising recognition of the inescapable fact that it is time, and past time, for the Catholic Church to go through some major changes.

Times have changed, and unless the Church changes with them, it will inevitably become obsolete and collapse under its own weight. I have given detailed teachings on why and how religions need to change elsewhere on this website.

When you develop a balanced perspective, you realize that simply turning certain priests or leaders into scapegoats will not resolve the real problem. The sexual abuse performed by priests is not the real problem. It is simply the effects of a much deeper, underlying problem that goes to the very core of the Catholic Church.

Making certain people the scapegoats and punishing the scapegoats will do very little towards resolving the underlying problem. This points to another aspect of the unbalanced state of consciousness. This state of consciousness always looks for an easy solution, an easy way out. When people are in this state of consciousness, they don’t really want to change themselves. So when a problem appears that points to the need for change, they want to find a quick and easy solution to the problem so that the problem will go way and they don’t have to go through the deep, inner changes that are required to truly resolve the problem.

I must tell you that the reason why the sexual abuse by priests has been systematically covered over by the leaders of the Catholic Church is exactly this state of consciousness. Many leaders of the Catholic Church realize that the Church has some severe problems. Yet because they are not willing to go deep within themselves and go through the necessary personal changes, they feel powerless to solve those problems. They literally feel that there is no resolution to the problems of the Church or that they are powerless to bring forth such solutions.

I must also tell you that the cover-up of the sexual abuse is not the exclusive responsibility of the leaders of the Catholic Church. The simple fact is that the leaders of any organization will to a large extent be a reflection of the consciousness of the members of that organization. There are millions upon millions of Catholics who deep within their hearts realize that the Church has certain problems. Yet they are not willing to openly recognize these problems because they do not want to go through the necessary personal changes that are required in order to truly resolve the problems.

So many Catholics have doubts about their faith, but they are not willing to go through the difficult and sometimes painful lifestream work that is required to resolve these doubts. Therefore, millions of Catholics simply want to keep doing what they have been brought up to do. As I have said in many places on this website, there is no automatic salvation. The only true path to salvation is to attain Christ consciousness, and this cannot be done by belonging to an outer organization and blindly following outer doctrines.

So when a problem like this sexual abuse surfaces, many Catholics would prefer to sweep the problem under the rug and go on with business as usual. This tendency among the members of the Catholic Church is partly responsible for the fact that the leaders of the Church did indeed attempt to sweep this problem under the rug—and were successful for so long.

The essence of the situation is that millions of Catholics know that something is wrong and that the Church needs to change. Yet they are not willing to take responsibility for the situation and realize that any change in an outer organization must begin with an inner change in the consciousness of the members and leaders of the organization.

If people are not willing to go through the process of creating this change of consciousness, this change of heart, they will feel disturbed when problems, such as sexual abuse, surface. They will look for an easy solution that will make the outer problem go away so they can continue to ignore the need for a change in consciousness.

Is there a way out of this impasse? There is indeed a way out, but the question is whether a critical mass of Catholics will be willing to follow this way or whether they will continue to follow the way that seems right unto a man.

I am gratified that many Catholics have been awakened by the sexual abuse scandal. I am gratified that so many people are calling for reform in the Church and that so many are demanding a greater influence by the members of the Church. This is truly a step in the right direction, and I strongly encourage these people to continue with these demands even after the media frenzy about the scandal has abated.

However, my real concern is whether the people, who today are demanding reform and change, will be willing to go all the way to the root of the problem. Will they be willing to go through the process of a change in consciousness, a change in beliefs and culture, required in order to solve the core problems of the Catholic Church? Will they be willing to go through the process of creating outer changes in the Catholic Church, a process that will be agonizing and require enormous changes in church culture and in the outer organization?

Certain engineers or systems analysts are trained to point out and resolve problems in organizations. These people often talk about different levels of problems. Some are surface problems that are easy to solve while others go to the very core of the organization. These latter problems are often called systemic problems. I can assure you that the real problem with the Catholic Church is not the sexual abuse by priests. It is only one among many smaller problems that are caused by a problem, or rather two problems, that go to the very core of the Catholic Church and the culture and belief system upon which the Church is founded. These problems are so integral to the Catholic Church that solving them will require a dramatic shift in the culture and belief system of both members and leaders of the Church.

There are two systemic problems that have affected the Catholic Church from the very beginning, and even before there was a Catholic Church.
One of these problems is that the Church has been based on a misunderstanding of my true teachings and of the true path to Christhood. This misunderstanding goes all the way back to Peter and his denial of himself as one of my followers. I have spoken in more detail about this problem elsewhere.

An offspring of this problem is that almost from the very beginning there has been a tendency that the outer organization has been based on the need to justify Peter’s decision not to follow me all the way. Over the first centuries of the Christian movement, this caused numerous subtle changes in the culture and belief system of the early Christians. It led to the formation of an orthodox Church which claimed that the path to salvation was not an inner, individual path but an outer path that required membership of and allegiance to an outer organization and an outer belief system. This led to the emergence of a Church which claimed that the only road to salvation goes through the sacraments controlled by the outer church.

This process eventually led to the formation of the Roman Catholic Church with a fixed outer doctrine that is aimed more at supporting the outer organization than at helping people understand the true teachings of Christ. In other words, the outer organization itself suddenly became more important than the true spiritual goal of helping people discover the inner path to salvation.

I did not come to start a rigid outer organization that would do to people what the Jewish temple priests had done to people. Did I not say, “The kingdom of God is within you?” Did I not challenge the Jewish leaders, and did not those leaders plot my crucifixion in order to silence me?

If you will honestly examine my mission and my teachings, you will discover that I did not come to establish an all-powerful outer church. I came out of love for the individual lifestream, and I came to help each lifestream walk the path that leads to salvation. To be the true church of Jesus Christ on earth, an organization must be focused on this goal instead of allowing the power plays of the outer organization to become a goal in itself.

This then brings us to the second problem that goes to the very core of the Catholic Church. Anyone who would make an effort to examine the history of the formation of the Roman Catholic Church would discover that from its very inception the Church has been heavily influenced by human power plays, as clearly outpictured in the interaction between the early Church and certain Roman emperors.

Because of these interactions, the Roman Catholic Church has, since its very inception, been heavily influenced by an elitist culture which has an insatiable desire for power and control. It is this elitist, power-hungry culture which is responsible for the worst atrocities committed by the Catholic Church, such as the Inquisition, the Crusades, the burning of books, the witch hunts and the massacre of the Cathars. It is also this culture that is responsible for the fact that the Roman Catholic Church has systematically distorted my true teachings and created a culture that is very far from my true teachings and my true intent.

I am gratified by the fact that so many Catholics see a need for the members of the Church to play a more active role and have more direct influence on the workings of the organization. I would like to encourage these people, yet I must bring a sense of practical realism to the issue. If the members of the Catholic Church are to have any chance of ever attaining a real influence over church matters, they must be willing to recognize the existence, the motives and the modus operandi of this power-hungry culture. They must be willing to confront this culture and to make a very firm and determined stand against it. This will require a very determined and very skillful effort, because I can assure you that after 1,500 years this culture is firmly entrenched in the Catholic Church.

I can also assure you that in order to overcome this elitist culture, it will be necessary to air all the dirty laundry of the organization. It has been said that all power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The sad fact is that for 1,500 years Catholics have believed that the Church has the power to determine whether they go to Hell or go to heaven. Therefore, they have given church leaders absolute power on earth.

I can assure you that this absolute power has led to such a massive abuse of power that most people could scarcely imagine it. I can assure you that in order to transform the Catholic Church into a modern organization, which can meet the needs of spiritual people in this age, you will have to be willing to look at this abuse of power, to expose it for what it is and to make a very strong demand that it be rooted out of the Church. For this to happen, you would have to go all the way to the top of the Church and expose the people who are ruling this Church behind the scenes. This would require a massive effort.

I realize that I am painting a grim picture. Yet I can assure you that both myself, my beloved Mother and many other members of the ascended masters would very much like to see the Catholic Church reformed and transformed into a modern organization. Therefore, we would be more than willing to support anyone with a sincere desire to bring about this reform. I can assure you that the prayers of ordinary Catholics for sincere reform of the Church would have a tremendous effect. However, prayer in itself will not do the job.

If the Catholic Church is to be reformed, Catholics must move out of the passive state of consciousness in which they look to the Church for leadership. They must realize that the true meaning of “church” is not the outer organization or the outer buildings, no matter how powerful the organization seems or how imposing the buildings are. The true meaning of church is a gathering of people around the purpose of bringing God’s kingdom to earth. In other words, it is not the organization and the buildings that form the church; it is the people that form the church.

Therefore, Catholics must take on an entirely new mindset and realize that if the Church is to be reformed, it must be reformed from within. What I am saying here is that God will not reform the Catholic Church. I will not reform the Church. The blessed Virgin will not reform the Church. And I can assure you that the leaders of the Church will not reform the Church, because if they had any intention of doing so, they would have done so already.

The Catholic Church can be reformed only if the members of the Church take an active stand and reform the Church. This reform must begin in the consciousness of each individual member of the Church. People must be willing to go through the transformation in consciousness whereby they begin to see themselves as spiritual people, as sons and daughters of God. They must be willing to look for and embody my true teachings.

I have given many teachings on with my website that are specifically designed to help people, Catholics and non Catholics alike, go through this personal transformation. I am aware that some of these teachings will be very strong meat for many Catholics. However, if you will honestly look at how certain teachings were deliberately taken out of the Catholic Church, you will realize that what I am giving here is not blasphemy or anathema. What I am giving on my website is my true teachings. If you have any desire to create a church that will survive in the new age, I can assure you that it must be based on the rock of the true teachings of Christ and not on the sands of man-made doctrines and dogmas.

I am indeed the real Jesus Christ, and I am giving this teaching in an attempt to reach every Catholic who has an open mind and heart, every Catholic who loves me more than the outer Church. Consider what is your true love. Do you love an outer organization with all its pomp and circumstance, or do you love the spiritual teacher whom you know as Jesus Christ?

If you know in your heart that you love me, then follow me. Follow my true teachings instead of following the doctrines that were created out of a desire for power and control. I recognize that this is a strong message that will require some soul-searching by many Catholics. Yet if you have read this message, it can only be because at some level of your being you are ready for this message.

I am not asking you to follow any outer teachings. I am asking you to go within your heart, establish contact with me and then follow your inner directions. Follow your highest love. Seek me with a pure heart, and you will find me. I will then show you what you can personally do to serve my cause on earth, whether it be through an outer organization or in other ways.

I am the Good Shepherd and I am here to call you home. Your home is not an outer organization. Your home is my Sacred Heart, and the key to being in my Sacred Heart is to discover that you have a portion of my Sacred Heart deep within your own heart.
Stop looking for me outside yourself.
Go within.

Knock on the door in your heart, and the door to the Christ consciousness shall indeed be opened to you.


 Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels