Satan – a being or a state of consciousness?

TOPICS: Evil result of individual choice – Satan was a lieutenant of Lucifer – God’s plan has no need for dark forces – created through choices and sustained on earth through choices – avoid sympathy for dark forces – dark forces reap what they have sown – do not project human qualities upon dark beings – hold no negative feelings –  can also refer to state of consciousness –

Question: Satan, is he really the bad guy he’s made out to be or is he (which I tend to believe) an Archangel whose job it is to tempt us, in which case we will hopefully choose God, our and others’ highest good or selfishness and things? That to me seems like service, and he has to take all the heat!

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Evil was never created by God. Evil was never authorized by God. Evil is not necessary for the unfoldment of God’s purposes. Evil is not a polar opposite of God or of God-good.

Evil is the result of a choice. The original choice was made by Lucifer, who refused to go along with God’s decision to create, or rather to expand creation. Satan was one of Lucifer’s lieutenants, and he chose to follow Lucifer when the former left the circle of God.

When God originally created the material universe, God envisioned no role whatsoever for dark forces. However, God gave human beings free will and God respects his own laws. When human beings used their free will to descend into a lower state of consciousness, they made themselves vulnerable to the temptations and the manipulations of dark forces. This was not what God wanted to happen. However, because God had given people free will, God allowed it to happen.

God will continue to allow human beings to continue to allow the operation of dark forces on planet earth. The only way to stop the influence of dark forces is to rise above the relativity of the dualistic mind, because it is this state of consciousness that enables dark forces to influence human beings.

It is correct that in people’s current state of consciousness, the dark forces do have the function of forcing people to choose. Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. However, this was not God’s original plan or design.

When you look at the current conditions on earth, the dark forces have a certain function. Nevertheless, in the eyes of God they are not performing a service. God never gave them the job; human beings gave them the job.

It is extremely important for a human being to avoid any kind of sympathy or other misguided emotions towards dark forces. These forces will immediately and mercilessly exploit such an opportunity to gain an inroad into your consciousness. You have to understand that such forces have no compunctions whatsoever about manipulating you or violating your free will.

There is no reason to feel sympathy towards dark forces. In reality, the dark forces are only receiving the heat that they themselves have created. As is the case with human beings, the dark forces have created their own “reality.” They are simply reaping the consequences of their actions. They also have free will, and they can at any moment choose to begin the spiritual path that leads them back to God. If they sincerely make that choice, then we of the ascended masters will give them all possible assistance to help them return home. However, we must always bow to the free will of both human and other beings.

I have stated elsewhere that people often make the mistake of projecting human qualities unto God. Likewise, people often project human qualities unto dark forces, thinking that such forces are not all bad. This is a very severe mistake that can only detract from, and potentially destroy your spiritual growth.

On the other hand, you should not hold any negative feelings towards such forces, because that too can give them an inroad into your consciousness. The only way to deal with such forces is to learn from my temptation by the devil. You simply rebuke their temptations without engaging them through positive or negative emotions.

When you attain Christhood and non-attachment to the things of this world, the Prince of this world will come to you, yet he will have nothing in you. He will have no attachments whereby he can influence your lifestream.

A magnificent example of this process was delivered by my Brother of Light, Gautama Buddha, when he was tempted by the demons of Mara. He remained nonattached to any of their appearances. All spiritual seekers will have to pass that same initiation before winning their permanent freedom from the material universe. You might as well begin now by letting go of all illusions concerning dark forces.

As a final note, the word “Satan” or “Devil” can also be used in a more general way to describe a state of consciousness that specifically seeks to get the Christ to conform to or adapt to conditions in this world. In other words, while Satan is the name of a specific fallen being, there are some mystical teachings that use it to describe a state of consciousness. I did this myself on some occasions, such as when I said to Peter: “Get thee behind me, Satan!” I did not thereby mean that Peter was Satan reincarnated, but that he at that moment was an open door for the consciousness of Satan, seeking to get me to conform to his expectations of what the Son of God should be like.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels