Rewrite Old and New Testament?

TOPICS: No spiritual teaching can be timeless – teaching adapted to state of consciousness of the audience – no need to rewrite New and Old testament – universal approach to religion –

Question: Concerning your comment on the site that many additions or deletions have been made to the original old and new testaments… things would be greatly clarified if Jesus would take the time to rewrite both in its original form…. so much opinion is based on surmising what is or isn’t missing is relevant or not relevant to us today. Why would God spend the time having the Old testament recorded if it wasn’t supposed to be relevant throughout the ages? Why not make that clear when initially writing it?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

In my discourse on the progression of spiritual cycles, I explain that humankind is engaged in a constant process that leads people toward higher states of consciousness and thereby toward a higher understanding of the spiritual side of life. Therefore, no spiritual teaching was ever meant to be timeless.

As I explain in Save Yourself, we of the ascended masters are the originators of all true spiritual teachings. Contrary to what human beings like to believe, it is never our purpose to give an absolute or infallible spiritual doctrine. We give a spiritual teaching that is carefully adapted to the level of consciousness of the people we are trying to reach with that teaching.

The purpose of the teaching is to take the target audience to the next level in their spiritual evolution. Once they have taken that step, the spiritual teaching that brought them there has fulfilled its purpose, and therefore it needs to be replaced by a new and higher teaching.

So there really isn’t that much purpose in rewriting either the Old or the New Testament in their original form. Even in their original form the scriptures are not as relevant today as they were when they were given. Therefore, it is far more productive to bring forth new spiritual teachings that are adapted to the state of consciousness that people have in the current age. This is indeed what I am doing on this website and what all members of the ascended masters are trying to do through many other endeavors.

I can assure you that we did try to make it clear to the people who wrote down the Old and the New Testament that those teachings were not meant to be absolute and infallible. Yet as long as people are trapped by the relativity of the dualistic mind, they find it very difficult to grasp and accept this idea. Therefore, most religious people ignore this concept and elevate their particular teaching as the only true religion. Fortunately, we are moving into a time when his belief will gradually fade away and allow most people to rise to a much more sophisticated approach to religion. It will be a universal approach based on the inner path that runs like a golden thread through all true religions.


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