Resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians

TOPICS: Often the duality consciousness makes it impossible to point to one right solution – Palestinians in a low state of consciousness – must grow gradually – divided within themselves – masters look at people’s potential – help people see they can achieve more through non-violence – helping people transcend divisions – Israel is a closed system – awakening the Israeli people – potential for Scandinavia to bring impetus for peace – France’s problem – imbalance in masculine aspect leads to force and violence – imbalance in feminine aspects leads to compromise and corruption – balance between masculine and feminine – Christ discernment breaks gridlock – raising understand is key to resolving any situation – choosing the highest practical outcome out of enlightened self-interest –

Question: My question is about the Palestine and Israel conflict. Recently Palestine formed a new government with Fatah and Hamas and Norway was the first country that lifted the sanctions against the Palestinian government. I was wondering if this was a balanced approach and what Norway’s role is?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels:

This is a very important but also a very delicate issue. And once again, the real answer is that Christ discernment is needed in every aspect of life. For I am not intending on giving you a black-and-white answer to this. There are indeed situations in the world today where the duality consciousness has created such complexity that it is not possible, even for an ascended master, to come into that situation and say, “This is the way you should do it to solve this problem.” For there is not one, clear-cut solution.

The ultimate reality here is that the people in the Middle East are stuck in a certain state of consciousness. The Palestinians themselves are stuck at a very specific level of consciousness. That level of consciousness is so low – quite frankly – that it is not possible for an ascended master to give an ultimate solution to their situation. For they would not be able to receive that answer. They would not be able to come up in consciousness to their full potential. Meaning that they could not instantly come up but can hopefully do so over time.

And therefore, as ascended masters we realize that Palestinians, as every other people on earth, must follow a gradual process that they take step by step. So if you look at the situation, you will see that what has happened in the Palestinian people is that they – as so many other people throughout history – have been divided amongst themselves. And they have been divided into two factions that have taken opposite approaches to the solution of their problems. One has taken the act of violence, the other has attempted to take the path of non-violence.

And so one could take a black-and-white view of the situation and say that obviously those who take the path of violence must be unconditionally wrong, and therefore they must be reformed or they must all be killed, as so many in the past have reasoned. Yet what I desire the spiritually mature people to realize is that we of the ascended masters do not look at the earth in black-and-white terms. And thus, it has never ever been our approach that those who were against our will should be killed or destroyed.

We are the spiritual teachers of humankind. And our desire is to raise up everyone on earth. And thus, when we look at those in Hamas or Fatah, or any of the other so-called terrorist organizations, we do not see them as evil people, as terrorists, as fallen ones, or as people who need to burn up in a fiery hell or be killed or removed from the earth. We see them as extensions of God’s Being who have the potential to be raised up.

And thus, we look at it and we say, “Well, how can the Palestinian people be raised up?” The best way – in fact the only way – for them to be raised up is to overcome, first of all, their internal division and conflict. And how can that be accomplished? Well yes, one could attempt to accomplish this by labeling some among the Palestinian people as bad and having the other faction kill the bad people. But if you look at history, you can clearly see that it does not work. And surely, you can see that it is not the approach of the ascended masters.

So what do we desire to see? Well, we desire to see that those who have taken the path of violence are helped to rise above that path and voluntarily come to the understanding that allows them to leave behind violence. Because they realize that if they are willing to transcend themselves, they can obtain more through non-violence than through violence.

And thus, we desire to see them be united with the more moderate faction, to become part of that moderate faction, and to take a positive approach. This, my beloved, is what you have seen in Northern Ireland, where those who for many years took the path of violence have now decided to make a sincere effort to become more constructive members of the future of their country.

And we would like to see that pattern repeated everywhere where there is internal conflict. Especially in Iraq. For you see, once again, we see the American government – the Bush administration and those behind it – being completely out of touch with the reality of the ascended masters. And thus, now that they realize that their policy has failed, they are almost looking forward to a kind of civil war, where those who oppose their rule will be wiped out by the greater faction, so that some kind of uniformity can be restored to Iraq. But obviously we would like to see the Iraqi people transcend their internal divisions and therefore come into a greater sense of unity and oneness that goes beyond their racial and religious divisions.

And so I must tell you that in this instance the government of Norway is more in tune with the ascended masters than the government of the United States and the government of Israel—who of course look at things from their own perspective. For I must tell you in all honesty that the state of Israel is a textbook example of what I talked about, where a closed system becomes subject to the second law of thermodynamics and begins to disintegrate from within.

And this is what you see where the Jewish people, especially those in government, have become so focused on themselves and the state of Israel that they refuse to step back and look at the situation in the Middle East from a greater, universal perspective. And see how they can be constructive members of the future of the Middle East—rather than always looking at themselves first, expecting that everyone else should conform to what they see as their right as God’s chosen people.

That is why you saw the Israeli government basically mislead itself into an ill-advised military adventure in Lebanon—that has now had the positive effect of awakening a great portion of the Israeli people to the fact that they need to take much more charge of their own nation. And that they need to look beyond the black-and-white thinking and thus demand that a government that will not transcend black-and-white thinking must take the consequence and give way for someone else who hopefully will be better suited at directing the nation. Although I must tell you that it is a very open question whether there is anyone in Israel who is currently able to guide that nation in a balanced manner.

If I could impress one thing upon you, it is this: Overcome the black-and-white thinking that makes people think that some are bad and should be exterminated and removed from the earth. Adopt a thinking that everyone should be raised up. But do not go into the opposite extreme of gray thinking, whereby you come to believe that that means tolerating anything and everything.

And this is where – again – I must say that the governments of Scandinavia do have the potential to bring forth a new form of thinking – a new way of looking at the world – that can indeed, as you have seen with the former prime minister of Sweden, allow the Scandinavian nations to bring an impetus for peace. But I must tell you that the essential requirement is that they are willing to pull themselves out of the gray thinking into which they have entered to some degree—the former prime minister of Sweden, Olof Palme, being a primary example of a person who had some good visions but was still too stuck in gray thinking.

And this is something you find all over Europe today, where you see many governments who are beginning to realize that the black-and-white thinking that led to the invasion of Iraq was not correct. But yet they struggle to avoid going into gray thinking. You see, for example, the government of France, which made a wise decision not to take part in the invasion of Iraq, but did not necessarily make it for the right, balanced reasons. Because they are still too stuck in the gray thinking that keeps the entire nation of France stuck at a certain level that it cannot seem to move beyond.

Because the French people, and especially the politicians, are not willing to move beyond the black-and-white thinking and realize that you cannot always talk your way out of every situation. But that you must come to a point, where you take a stand and accept that there is something that is real and there is something that is unreal.

Added by Mother Mary on 9-4-07:

My beloved hearts, I desire to take this opportunity to give a brief teaching. You see in the situation with Hamas and Fatah a classical example of how a group of people have become divided into two factions—a pattern you see repeated in almost every nation with varying degrees of tension and violence as the result.

What causes this division into a faction that is willing to use violence and a faction that is willing to negotiate, often resorting to compromise or corruption in the process? Well, it is simply that one faction has become unbalanced in the masculine aspect of God, whereas the other has become unbalanced in the feminine aspect, as I have explained in several of my foundational discourses, that you might want to review.

You see, when people become unbalanced in the masculine aspect, they will tend to use force in order to get their way, and this often causes them to resort to violence or other forceful means. Obviously, this is what you see in Hamas, Hezbollah, certain factions in Iraq and even certain Christian and neoconservative groups in the United States.

In contrast, those who are unbalanced in the feminine aspect tend to go out of their way to avoid violence – which is not in itself wrong – but it often causes people to compromise all principles—basically falling into the gray thinking of believing there is no higher reality. It also often causes them to be willing to accept even high-level corruption that undermines their effectiveness and often causes them to lose the trust of the people—who then in frustration often are misled into following the violent faction instead.

What can resolve this state of political – which is truly spiritual – paralysis? Only the recognition that God has BOTH a masculine and a feminine aspect and that true progress, harmony and peace can be attained ONLY when the two are both honored and are in their proper balance. This means that it is recognized that the masculine element has the role of aligning everything to the reality of God and higher principles, and the feminine element has the role of making sure this is done with love and a recognition of how the matter world works (which means it is not always possible or practical to enforce the highest ideals in a situation that is less than ideal—a gradual approach being necessary).

What can provide this balance? Only the element of the Son, namely Christ discernment, which balances the expanding force of the Father with the contracting force of the Mother. The key to attaining Christ discernment is to realize that there IS indeed a higher truth that is not man-made, but also that this truth must be expressed according to the actual situation. As Saint Germain said, there are many situations where it is pointless to bring forth the highest possible solution. For the people are not ready for it and must follow a gradual process.

Those who are unbalanced in the Father element will see their vision as the highest solution and will want to force it upon the people whether they are ready or not (As the U.S. government sought to force democracy upon the Iraqi people who are obviously not ready for it yet.). Those unbalanced in the Mother aspect will refuse to apply any higher principles but will want the situation to evolve according to what they currently see as being in their own best interest, thus often causing a state of tense chaos where nothing seems to work and where corruption flourishes even at the highest levels of government.

The master key that can break the deadlock is Christ discernment, which recognizes God’s higher reality and principles and applies them to the actual situation for the purpose of helping the people take the next step higher on a gradual path. Thus avoiding either of the dualistic extremes, one being to seek to force a higher principle upon others when this is not practical, the other being to let everything be determined by the narrow-minded self-interest of the certain factions.

Thus, we might say that understanding is ALWAYS the key – with all thy getting, get understanding – to moving any situation forward. We of the ascended masters desire to see all people involved in a conflict to have their understanding raised—in fact, this is always our highest goal, often superseding any physical changes in the actual situation. Some will then see that they can – in the long run – attain more through non-violence than through violence. Others will see that unless you apply principles that are above human self-interest, nothing can be done and any situation will gradually slide into a self-destructive chaos. This is what Saint Germain meant when he started out saying that Christ discernment is always the key.

As Jesus said, seek first the kingdom of God – meaning the mind of God that can be accessed ONLY through the Christ consciousness – and his righteousness – meaning the right, balanced use of BOTH the masculine and feminine aspects of God – and all these things – meaning the solution to every possible problem – shall be added unto you.

For with men – and women – it is impossible to solve any problem, but with God all problems truly do have a solution that will bring the people involved higher in consciousness. This means that I hope the more spiritually mature people will avoid being trapped into working for a specific physical outcome, instead focusing their attention on raising the consciousness of ALL people involved—so that the highest practical outcome becomes obvious to a critical mass of people who then choose it out of enlightened self-interest instead of feeling it is forced upon them.

It is my hope that certain countries – including potentially those in Scandinavia – will see it as their highest potential to bring this enlightened, balanced perspective into every situation—without being forceful and without being naive.


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