The last initiation of Jesus

Question: Jesus gave up his last ghost on the cross, which I think was the belief that God would save him. If he could have gotten that understanding before, would it have been possible for him to avoid being crucified?


Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.   

Regardless of whether I had the awareness of what would happen, that I would die on the cross and not be saved by angels, I could have avoided the crucifixion by making the choice not to go to Jerusalem and not to provoke the authorities of the Jewish religion. So there is always free will involved here. I would say that even if I had had the awareness of what would happen, I would still have chosen to go through it. The reason I didn’t have the awareness was that this was the initiation I needed. I needed to face that kind of situation not only for my own sake but also to demonstrate that – regardless of where you are in consciousness, regardless of what people may project about you – there was still an illusion I hadn’t seen and that I hadn’t given up. That is, as we have said, the way it will be until we reach the 144th level.


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Reminder conference in Estonia


Just a reminder that our yearly conference in Estonia is coming up at the end of November.


Because it is usually a smaller conference, we have more time for people to get to know each other and for Kim to interact with people so we hope to see you there.


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Webinar for American conference


If you cannot participate in person for our upcoming conference in Washington, D.C., you might want to consider participating via the webinar.

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Ukraine sound files


Just got back from a wonderful conference in Kiev, Ukraine. Warmest thanks to all who organized it and all who participated.


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