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Question: Would you please comment on the books and related research that have been done (by at least four independent sources of which I am aware) that tell about your life in India as the Saint named Issa until the age of about 80+?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


I have stated elsewhere on this website that I did travel to India and Tibet before my mission in Galilee. Many of the references to Saint Issa actually refer to those travels.

When you give forth a spiritual teaching, you are always trying to strike a balance, so that you give people enough to help them come up higher, but not so much that they are overwhelmed. For this reason, I do not want to give a detailed teaching about what I did after my resurrection. 

What I will say is that after my resurrection, I had qualified for my ascension. However, I chose to ask for a dispensation to manifest a new physical body, which I used to create a new life together with Mary Magdalene. We did live together in the area of what is now Kashmir and we did have children together. However, I was not widely known and did not teach or manifest any public miracles. Thus, I was not actually known as Saint Issa after my resurrection.





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