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Question: Can the masters comment on the (religious) ritualistic killing of animals (and how pork is impure to eat for the Islamic people)?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017. 


Mother Mary: One of the real concerns that Jesus had in terms of how he could help the Jewish people move forward was that they absolutely needed to rise above the whole tradition of animal sacrifice. Naturally, human beings are the ones who have committed the sins, and inflicting suffering and pain upon animals in order to supposedly wash the sins of humans clean, is simply a form of collective insanity. 

Unfortunately, the Jewish people were not so eager to overcome this tendency and even Paul’s attempt to say that the spilling of Jesus’ blood on the cross, had made it unnecessary to perform human sacrifices has not necessarily had a positive effect. So many fundamentalist Christians now believe that it was the spilling of the blood of Jesus that bought the freedom from sin for all of humanity. As we have taught over and over again, you need to change your consciousness in order to be free of what you call sin. 

In terms of Islam, the entire ritual around slaughtering animals in a specific way is, again, really (if you want to be direct) a form of collective insanity. It has no spiritual significance to slaughter animals this way. It does not make the meat more pure to eat to let the animals bleed out. It causes unnecessary pain on the animals and therefore releases misqualified energy that ends up then burdening the collective consciousness and the individual people. The people who perform it make karma and in a sense the people who allow the practice to continue by eating the meat also make a certain karma for it. 

My beloved, this is a delicate issue in the sense that on one hand you could say that human beings should never inflict unnecessary pain and suffering on animals but how do you define “unnecessary pain and suffering?” You cannot be alive on this planet without taking up space that would otherwise be occupied by animals. The building in which you are sitting, there could have been a meadow or a forest here and there could have been animals living here. What we get down to here is, of course, that human beings have a right to be on the earth even if it affects nature and the animals.

In terms of whether pork is an impure meat, well it certainly depends on how you define “impure.” I know that in previous ascended master dispensations it has been said that pigs were created through genetic manipulation in a previous age. As I said yesterday about genetically modified foods, there also comes a point where you need to rise above this. Generally speaking, a pig is not inherently more impure than other animals because all animals are a reflection of a certain state of consciousness that is not the Christ consciousness. Basically, hardly any of the species of animals you see on the earth today would survive if the earth was completely freed from the dualistic mindset. 

What this really shows is that the people who are in the Islamic religion (and the mindset behind that religion) are still very tied in to black-and-white thinking. They are very tied in to a ritualistic approach to life where they want to define outer rules. This, of course, is not a sustainable situation because the only way Islam can survive as a religion in the coming decades and in the Golden Age, is that it finds its way back to its mystical roots. This is the only way any religion can survive, and so it needs to be recognized in Islam that there was a certain validity to the original revelations, but not all of the verses in the Koran are the original revelations, some of them come from a dualistic source. That is why you can twist the Koran to justify Jihad. 

It needs to be recognized also that the entire Sharia law that was created at a later time is not in alignment with the ascended masters, is not in alignment with universal spiritual principles and simply will not carry Islamic countries into the modern age. They will only create more and more internal conflict, more and more internal upheaval, until it spills over into violence as you have already seen in many countries. It is clear that this will start as an aggression against those who are not Muslims, but as you see with IS or ISIS, Muslims are quite willing to kill other Muslims when they have put themselves in a fanatical mindset. If Islam cannot overcome this weight that they are dragging with them from the past, you will only see more of this in coming decades.



Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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