Peter and the Peter consciousness

Question: This is apparently directed at Jesus, asking him about the role and life and consciousness of Peter. He did deny you three times but he also dedicated the rest of his life to following you to the best of his ability.


Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

Actually, Peter dedicated the rest of his life to following his own mental image of Christ. He never gave it up, he was never willing to give it up and you can see this by the fact that even when he was facing the crucifixion he insisted on being crucified upside down to demonstrate that he was not worthy to be crucified the same way that I was crucified. This shows you that even on his death bed, so to speak, death cross, he had not changed that consciousness. He had not let go of the Peter consciousness – that I denounced when I said ”Get thee behind me Satan“ – of wanting the Living Christ, who was here to set him free from his mental images, to conform to those mental images. That is why there is a symbolism in the Catholic Church claiming that Peter was the first Pope and that they gained their authority from their direct lineage going back to Peter. This only demonstrates that the Catholic Church, from its inception to the present day, is entirely blinded by, based on, the Peter consciousness that actually denies Christ and wants the Living Christ not to set them free but to conform to their mental image. Did I ever declare that Peter was the first Pope? Did I ever declare that there was something called the Catholic Church? So who came up with this idea? I think not the mind of Christ, my beloved.


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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