Recommending teachings to other people

TOPICS: Share what has helped you – don’t reject or accept everything out there – balance of not giving people too little or too much – listen to your intuition – overcome your expectations –

Question: There is a lot of material on websites on universal salvation. I used to be a Christian and I have had a lot of help to find my way out of fundamentalist Christianity because I read certain writings. My question is, can I give this material to other Christian people so they have help to overcome traditional Christianity, because when I talk about the masters, they don’t want to know about it.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

One of the best ways to help other people is to share with them what has helped you. And therefore, certainly, if something has helped you rise to a higher level of understanding of the spiritual path, you can share that with them, if you feel it will help them.

It is important not to be black-and-white or to be fearful about spiritual teachings, going into the consciousness that anything that is beyond our religion is a false teaching or is the work of the devil. On the other hand, it is important not to go into the opposite extreme of saying that any teaching out there is good or saying that anything that helps you is okay. I have given teachings on false teachers that I encourage you to study.

So what I am saying here is that as you grow on the path, you will want to be careful how you recommend certain teachings to others. In other words, you do not necessarily need to recommend a certain teaching to others if you have come to realize that it is not the highest possible teaching. But on the other hand you can recommend a teaching by describing how it helped you rise higher and then letting people know that you have also come to realize that there is a higher teaching beyond the teaching you are talking about. And that they might want to keep that in mind as they grow on their own path.

I will also say that you need to be careful of not going into the state of consciousness of saying that if people do not want to hear about the ascended masters, you should not talk about it, or you should look for some teaching that is more palatable to them. It is acceptable to describe for other people the stages you have gone through. So it is acceptable to tell them that at a certain point of my personal path, I was helped by this particular teaching. But it is also important for you not to go and preach below the level of consciousness you are at right now.

What I am saying is that there is a delicate balance between not giving people too much and falling into the other extreme of giving people too little. Your role is not to make people comfortable but to call them – to challenge them – to come up higher. So again, there is a middle way that can be found. And there are, again, the two extremes, where we often see those who are new to the path become so enthusiastic that they give people more information than they can handle, seeking to force people to come up many steps on the path all at once. But we also see the opposite extreme of people who are so concerned about not disturbing or provoking other people that they give them too little. And therefore do not give them the balanced opportunity that they need to come up higher.

So again, this is an individual path—for you and for the person. You need to tune in to the other person. When you come to the right point on the path, you can know intuitively what to give to another person. But in order to come to that point, you have to follow the advice given of overcoming your expectations and conditions—so that you do not have a preconceived opinion about what other people can handle and cannot handle. And you do not have a pre-conceived condition that says, “Oh, I do not want to tell them something they don’t want to hear. Or I don’t want to disturb or provoke them.”

You need to come to the point where you are at peace within, no matter how the other people respond. And where you are not acting on a condition you have decided on with your outer mind, but you are flowing with the Spirit and saying whatever you are being prompted to say in the actual situation. For truly, your Christ self knows what another person needs to hear in order to take the next step. And when you can get your outer mind out of the way, and overcome the conditions of the outer mind, then you can be a clearer instrument for giving people exactly what they need to take that next step.

For my beloved, what is the point of telling people about the spiritual path if you leave them at the same level of consciousness at which you met them? Truly, the purpose is to give them something that empowers them to come up higher.


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