Writing letters to the Karmic Board

Question: In the last dispensation we wrote letters to the ascended masters of the Karmic Board. Is it relevant for us these days to do that and if so when should we write such letters?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Again an individual evaluation. If you feel it is relevant for you then by all means do so. You can do this at any time. You can write down the letter or a request and burn it. You can also as was tradition in a previous dispensation, write a letter every year at New Year where you asked for various things relating to the year that has past and also for help in the year that is coming. There are people for whom it is relevant to do this. There are others for whom it is no longer relevant, because when you have a more direct inner connection to us you do not need to write a letter.  It is not so my beloved that we need to see something in writing before we can grasp what you desire, to ask of us. It is enough that you put your attention on us and you formulate a question in your mind, or that you ask for our help in your mind and we are able to tune in to you.

What I will say is that as part of progressive revelation, we have as we have said before had to start at a certain level. There were people for example – going back to the 1930’s that were at a certain level of consciousness where they were able to accept our existence, but they were projecting on us the images that they had developed as part of their culture or as part of their past embodiments. What many people projected on us was that we were kind of like the image that people have (in for example the Catholic religion) where when they light a candle or pray to Mother Mary, I am like a miracle worker who is going to appear and solve all of their problems.

As we have said before we are not Santa Claus, we are not the wish fulfilling God. What we will do is to help you resolve your own problems and issues by giving you insights to the degree that you are able to receive them. Which basically means you are in a neutral state of mind. This is what we are hoping that you will step up to in this time, so that you can come to develop a different relationship with us. Where you do not see us as being up there or out there, separate or remote from us, some deity that you need to pray to or call to, or perform some kind of ritual so you are in a sense ‘buying our favours” from us. But you see us as your constant guides who are looking to give you the insights that you need, so that you can co-create a better life for yourself. So that you can resolve the psychological blocks that stand in the way.

You will see that in traditional religions, such as the many Catholics who pray to me daily or light candles. What they are asking for, is that I as an external deity should solve their problems for them so they do not have to look at themselves and their own psychology. They do not have to look at the beam in their own eye. I recognise that there are people who are at a level of spiritual development (or lack of it if you will) where that is all they can do. That is the only way they can relate to me. You will also notice of course that many of these people do not have their prayers answered. You who know us in a more direct capacity, you have the potential to step up and develop a more direct inner personal relationship. That is of course what we are encouraging and what we have given you the tools to achieve by resolving the psychological blocks, the separate selves and so forth.


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