Question about Vladimir Putin

Question: Does President Putin fulfill his task or is he running the consciousness of the Russian people?

Answer from Master MORE through Kim Michaels:

The leader of any nation is an expression of the consciousness of the people. So President Putin is a representative of the prevailing consciousness in Russia right now. Otherwise he would not have been re-elected, regardless of the manipulations that he performed in order to make himself able to run for the presidency again. If the people had not been in a certain state of consciousness, they would not have accepted a change in the constitution.

Thus, one can say that in a certain way Putin, as any leader, is fulfilling the role that the people have assigned to their leader through their state of consciousness. Yet, let it be made clear that Putin does not have a high state of consciousness, is not able to work with, or to be inspired by the ascended masters. Therefore, he is not the kind of leader that can help the people transcend their consciousness through a positive spiral.

He is the kind of leader who can outpicture the people’s consciousness to more and more extreme extents, so that the people eventually wake up and realize that this is not the kind of leader we want to have. Therefore, if we want a higher kind of leader, we must change ourselves, we must raise our consciousness.

That being said, it is also clear that one of the negative potentials for Russia, is a certain expression of lawlessness and chaos where corruption could become even more rampant than it is. And as such, you could say that Putin is the kind of leader who can put a lid on the worst forms of lawlessness. Although it must then also be said that he is an expression of an elitist system that is based on a certain lawlessness for the elite, which is nevertheless not as bad as total anarchy or complete lawlessness that you see in some nations, for example in Africa where you have different factions, such as tribal factions or ethnic factions, that are fighting each other. This could potentially happen in certain parts of Russia. Putin can make sure that this does not accelerate.

Nevertheless, if the people would transcend the consciousness that enabled him to be elected, they would not need that kind of a leader, but would then attract a higher kind of leader that could receive some guidance and sponsorship from the ascended masters. This is the potential for the spiritual people of Russia to do what I explained earlier, and what Kuan Yin explained yesterday, so that you can be the forerunners for a shift in consciousness that will make it possible for a majority of the Russian people to grasp the need to demand higher leadership, instead of the abusive form of an elitist leadership that they have suffered under for centuries to the point where they think their suffering is normal, necessary, or even beneficial.

Many think it takes a strong man to rule Russia. Many even look back to Stalin, as there are people in the West who thought that Hitler restored law and order and gave people work and made the trains run on time. Yet I would rather have the trains be delayed and have the people have greater freedom. Yet as I said earlier, until you have self-sufficiency and the willingness to make your own decisions, you will get the kind of leader that gives you what you subconsciously say you want: freedom from responsibility.


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