Question about lifestreams who are extensions of ascended masters

Question: First a quote from Jesus: “It is particularly important to know that there are a certain number of people on earth who have a very close relationship to one or more ascended masters. You can say that these people are only one spiritual generation apart from the master. Or that they are the individualisation of the master. After your ascension you may decide to send a part of yourself back to the incarnation to help the spiritual evolution of the earth, and the individual ascended masters have done so. When you realise your origin and fully embody this new spiritual identity, the ascended master or masters from whom you came can act through you, as Lord Maitreya acted through me. At this stage of the spiritual evolution of the earth it is essential that people with this potential awaken to the reality of who they are.” Are there any among us who are the extension of the ascended masters we know, Mother Mary, the Chohans, Gautama, Lord Maitreya, Jesus etc.?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Yes there is, but you will not be told from without if this applies to you. Because you need to get this from within otherwise it will not have the desired effect. The approach that I recommend is that you do not put too much attention on this. You especially need to be aware of the desire to be special, to feel special that can often cause the ego or separate selves to play tricks on you when you hear a teaching like this.

In a sense, a teaching like this is a challenge, just like in a previous dispensation where people were told they had the highest teaching on the planet. What do you with this, what do you allow the ego or the separate selves that desire to be special to do with a teaching like this? That is why it is better to examine yourself if you have any human ambitions or desires. It can even be constructive for a time to simply not put your attention on this. Not worry about whether this applies to you so that you can free yourself from any such desires until you are neutral enough that you can let the realisation come from within.


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