Preaching the gospel and baptizing people today

Question: I thought of Jesus and what he taught 2,000 years ago that as he was sending his disciples to go out into the whole world and preach the gospel of God’s kingdom. And he said we should make disciples and to baptize them and teach them everything he taught us. Is this still valid today?

Answer by Ascended Master Jersus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2017.

It is as valid today as it was back then if you understand the true meaning of what I said. The quote in the Bible is not word for word correct. The entire concept of baptism was not what I said, not at least as baptism is understood by the Christian church of baptizing with water. Because what I had in mind was a baptism by the Spirit where you, as the one who is preaching the gospel, have reached a certain level of Christhood. You are able to be the open door for a transfer of light from the ascended masters.

Going out into all the world and preaching the gospel did not mean what most Christians today interpret it to mean, especially the fundamentalist variety, namely that you go out and preach the four Gospels or the other books of the New Testament. It does not mean that you go out and preach the official message of the Christian churches, whether the Catholic Church or any later church, and baptize them into that church and make them members of that church. That is not at all what I had in mind, as I have also described in several of my books and teachings.

What it truly means is that you go out and you not only preach; but you demonstrate the path of self-transcendence, the path to Christhood; the path of raising your consciousness. Thereby, you give people an alternative to the lower state of consciousness, the dualistic, carnal state of consciousness. This is the true meaning of it, and the true meaning really is to demonstrate the path so that all people can see that there is an alternative.

Now, when I said preach it to all people or to every creature; this needs to be again understood in a certain way. What I really wanted was that every person on earth, not necessarily as the amount of people that were in embodiment at that time, but that every person who is embodying on earth would in some lifetime encounter a person who had some degree of Christhood so that the person would have the same opportunity as those who met me when I was in physical embodiment.

Namely, that you encounter someone who has enough degree of Christhood that these people can sense that this person has something that they do not have. Therefore, they experience that there is a higher state of consciousness that can be achieved. This can then give them a choice that they did not have before they encountered a person with Christhood.

This does not mean that even today you need to look at that every person on earth should have this opportunity in their present lifetime. Some have had it in past lifetimes, have rejected it. Some may not be ready for it; but will have it in a future lifetime. You see, again, how there was a limit to what I could even express with words back then. There is, of course, a limit to how people could understand it. Then, you have the fact that after the fallen beings started influencing the Christian movement, primarily with the creation of the Catholic Church; they have perverted just about every concept that was given.

You just today have a royal mess, and there is no realistic way to clean up the mess. I really have no desire to clean up the mess; because it is a matter of transcending it and going back to the original meaning. But not just going back to the original meaning; because not everything that I wanted to give to people is in the present scriptures.

So it is really a matter of realizing that Jesus Christ is an ongoing being, that Jesus Christ is still here. I will be with you always. I am with you always. Therefore, you have the option to contact me today, to get to know my Being today and to get teachings from within. As, of course, this messenger has been able to do and has brought forth many valuable teachings. But it is not even a matter of going out and preaching these teachings to every creature.

As I said, this can be done in various ways. And it is not really a matter of preaching in words; but more about having such a level of attainment that you can be the open door, whereby I or another ascended master, through your heart chakra, can send a certain portion of spiritual light to another person that can then quicken their heart chakra so they get that opportunity to choose the path. Then, if they are choosing the path, you can give them other teachings and help them get started on the path. But the primary goal is to just give them a choice they did not have before and then be non-attached to what they do with that opportunity.


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