Why some women have problems delivering children

TOPICS: Modern society do not give people a spiritual understanding of pregnancy - effects of sexual revolution - childbirth not simply a biological function - seeing the sacredness in yourself -

Question: In light of male and female and sexuality, some women have problems with receiving. I am a midwife, and I see it in my work field when women deliver that they have problems with receiving life. So I was wondering if there is anything we can do to help women overcome this? What I see during delivery is that something blocks in the women and they cannot receive life, as in they cannot receive in the physical the baby and then there will be problems during delivery.


Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels:


The best thing you can do to help others is to demonstrate this in yourself—your willingness to raise yourself up to a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of understanding. And then be open to speaking about this when you see other people who have a problem.

Indeed, the question of childbirth is very dear to my heart. For I do feel great compassion for the many women who become pregnant, often without understanding what is involved. I do not mean only physically, but especially spiritually, my beloved. There is a great lack in modern society in terms of understanding what it actually means for a woman to produce another being in her own body and give birth to it. It is something that is too often seen as being just a biological event. It is not appreciated for the miracle that it truly is.

And thus, you see many people who have grown up in the schizophrenic western culture, where they have only the two choices of traditional Christianity or atheism and materialism. And so, neither of them, neither of those two, can give them a true appreciation for their own identity as spiritual beings who are participating in the miracle of Life.

You, of course, also see many women who either have an unplanned pregnancy, or become pregnant as the result of rape, or what we might call the spiritual form of rape that is so often seen in promiscuous, casual relationships. Where you actually see, that despite the so-called sexual revolution, women have in some ways been reduced to sexual objects, even more than they were before the sexual revolution, when there was at least some sense of honor, some remnants of chivalry in at least some aspects of society.

There is a crying need for people who will come to understand this, find a way to express this in universal terms that go beyond traditional religion and go beyond materialism, and could give women some appreciation for seeing childbirth as not simply a biological function. Having a child is not like going to the bathroom. It is a sacred process. But if you do not see yourself as being more than a biological robot, then how can you see the sacredness of the child—if you do not see the sacredness in yourself? It is not possible.

This is of course a large topic, but I give you some hints here that you might build upon. There are people who can receive the teaching I desire to bring forth. For again, you will notice I am speaking through a male messenger who has not in his conscious memory gone through childbirth—except when he was on the receiving end of it. And that is an entirely different experience, as you all know.

And so, I do desire to bring forth teachings here. Not necessarily in the form of a spoken dictation like you hear now. But in the form of people receiving the ideas and the teachings that can then form the basis for developing a deeper understanding of what it means to be a woman and what it means to bring forth a child—how a woman can see this as a sacred process.

For what you see in the delivery room is only the tip of the iceberg. If a woman is having problems receiving a child when the birth process has started, it is not something that happened right there. It is something that began, even before conception, in the woman’s self-image and her image of what life really means.

And so, consider who among you would be willing to be the open doors for receiving these teachings directly from my heart to your heart and putting them in a form that can then be helpful to others.





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