The value of teaching children spirituality

TOPICS: Automatic salvation is a dangerous idea - cannot be saved by following doctrine - become a seeker of truth - allow children to ask questions - say: “I don’t know” - if doctrine forced upon children, they often rebel - openness helpful in teenage years -

Question: In terms of teaching children spiritual concepts, could you comment on the role of "searching for" vs."receiving" spiritual knowledge as there seems to be some value in having to search for truth for yourself as opposed to being explicitly taught these concepts from birth.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: 


I completely agree with the value of helping your children search for spiritual knowledge rather than forcing it upon them in the form of fixed or infallible doctrines. One of the most dangerous illusions in the world of religion is the idea of an automatic salvation. This is literally the way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of death. I have commented on this problem throughout my website. LINK The essence of the problem is that people believe that by being a member of a certain church and following all of its rules and doctrines, they will automatically be saved. This is a fallacy.

The key to salvation is to attain a higher state of consciousness, namely the Christ consciousness. The only way to achieve this state of consciousness is to be a seeker of truth. You cannot attain Christ consciousness by being a follower of doctrine. This simply cannot be done, and no amount of argumentation from orthodox Christians will change this fact.

So the best thing you can do is to heal the wounds that you received from orthodox churches. Become a seeker of truth and then pass this approach to religion on to your children.

Take note that when you are a seeker of truth, you do not accept any doctrine as being absolute, final, closed or infallible. The entire idea of being a seeker of truth is that as you raise your consciousness and understanding, God or the ascended masters will give you higher spiritual truths than what you are able to grasp today. When you truly understand and embrace this approach to religion, you see that there is no such thing as a closed or infallible religious doctrine.

The important point in terms of raising children is that when you are a seeker of truth, you can allow your children to ask questions that are driven by their natural curiosity and their unconditional approach to God. What happens in many religious families is that the parents feel threatened when their children ask questions that the parents or their accepted doctrines cannot answer. By being a seeker of truth, you never find yourself in this unfortunate state of mind. When you are a seeker of truth, you are not afraid to use the magic words: “I don't know.”

If your child asks you a question about spirituality that you cannot answer, there is no greater gift you can give your child than using these magic words. This will preserve the child's curiosity and unconditionality. In contrast, giving the child a fixed doctrine or giving the child the impression that the question is wrong or unacceptable is the worst thing you can do to your child.

When you are a seeker of truth, you can openly discuss spirituality and God with your children without having to force them to agree with you or with a fixed outer doctrine. You can then develop a much closer, more loving and more enjoyable relationship to your children that can serve as an important contact point throughout life.

When you spoon-feed your children with a fixed outer doctrine, it often happens that the children in their teenage years will rebel against your approach to religion and your religion. In many families this creates a split between parents and children that is entirely unnecessary. If you build a loving and open relationship to your children concerning spiritual topics, it can become a bridge between you and your children, especially when the children reach the difficult teenage years.

What happens to teenagers is that as a natural part of discovering and defining their own identity, they will rebel against an identity which they feel is forced upon them by their parents, their teachers, their ministers or by society. So if you develop a relationship to your children in which you can talk about spirituality without forcing anything upon them, it can become an incredible tool for maintaining a good relationship to your children during their teenage years. It can also become a source of mutual enjoyment that can last throughout life.





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