Introducing spiritual concepts and the spiritual path to children

TOPICS: Teach children by example - many parents harm children with a religious upbringing - natural curiosity and innocence - magic helpers - children not afraid to ask questions - avoid fear - love attracts, fear repels - do not give your own conditions to your children -

Question: Do you have any recommendations on methods for introducing spiritual concepts and the spiritual path to children? 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


The best way to teach children about anything is to teach them by example. Children are natural imitators and follow the examples of the adults around them. So the very best way to teach children about spiritual concepts is to make sure that you yourself have adopted the attitude that you are a seeker of truth instead of a follower of doctrine. You need to adopt the approach to spirituality that this website calls the inner approach. And you need to move away from the outer, doctrinal or dogmatic approach.

In other words, you need to be constantly searching for a higher understanding of spiritual matters than what you have right now. You need to be curious and willing to ask difficult questions. You need to realize that your present understanding is not the final or infallible understanding, but simply a stepping stone to an even deeper understanding. You need to be willing to consider and discuss any topic about spirituality without feeling like certain topics are taboos or go too far beyond an accepted doctrine or standard.

Only by adopting this open approach to spirituality will you avoid hurting children and destroying their natural spirituality. It is a sad fact that millions of devoutly religious people, be they Christians or members of other religions, believe that they are doing the right thing by giving their children a religious upbringing. Yet in reality these parents, and their ministers, are destroying the children's natural spirituality. This has two aspects.

In the New Testament, you will see that I rebuked my disciples for trying to prevent the children from approaching me. I also said that unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. What I truly meant with that statement was that unless you develop the approach to God that children have, you cannot put on the state of consciousness that allows you to enter the kingdom of heaven.

The two most important aspects of children's approach to God are their natural curiosity and their innocence, or unconditionality.

You will see that children are naturally curious about God and the spiritual side of life. This is because when a child is young, it usually has a direct inner experience of the spiritual side of life. Many children literally experience angels or ascended beings who are with them as helpers. Therefore, they know there is more to life than the material universe, and they are naturally curious about it.

Unfortunately, most adults tend to ignore or outright deny the inner spirituality of children. Many adults do this because modern psychology has labeled children’s spirituality as a sign of immaturity or the fictitious belief in “magic helpers”. Other adults do it because children naturally tend to ask questions that cannot readily be answered by the doctrines that these adults accept as infallible or complete.

The simple fact is that because children have a direct experience of the reality of the spiritual realm, they see no reason why this reality should be forced into the framework of a set of man-made doctrines, be they in the field of science or in the field of religion. Therefore, they are willing to ask any question that comes to mind, and this is the hallmark of all true spiritual seekers. After all, the type of questions you are willing to ask will determine the type of answers you can receive. Does the Bible not say, “Ask and ye shall receive?” So if you are afraid to ask questions that go beyond your present beliefs, how can you receive deeper answers?

When it comes to presenting spiritual concepts to children, it is extremely important to do this in such a way that it does not discourage or destroy children's curiosity about God and about spiritual matters. Therefore, it is very important not to present spiritual concepts in the form of closed or infallible doctrines. Allow children to ask any questions that come into their innocent minds. Encourage them to ask questions and discuss these questions with them.

The other aspect of children’s spirituality is their innocent, or unconditional, approach to spiritual topics and to God. Because children experience the spiritual realm as real, and because they see it as a benevolent force that is there to help them, they have no fear of God. They are not afraid to approach God, and indeed why should they be?

During Old Testament times, the Israelites developed an image of God as an angry and judgmental God. Part of my mission was to present a new image of God, namely that of a loving father figure. This is the image that most children naturally have of God. Unfortunately, many of today's Christians have reverted back to the Old Testament image of an angry and judgmental God, and they inevitably pass this image on to their children. Therefore, as soon as children begin to receive religious training, their natural innocence and unconditionality is quickly destroyed.

These children learn to see God as something dangerous or something to be feared. They learn to think that they can approach God only in specific ways, defined by their religious culture. They learn to think that they can be worthy to approach God only if they live up to certain conditions defined by church doctrines and rules.

This is a completely artificial programming that children should never be exposed to. Why do you think I said that unless you become as little children you cannot enter the kingdom? It is because of one simple fact. Love is an attractive force and fear is a repulsive force. If you fear God, you will never want to approach God or to get close to God. Therefore, how could you enter God's kingdom? Everything is subject to your free will, and God will not force you to enter his kingdom. You must do so of your own free will, but how can you do so if you fear God?

Children naturally love God, and this love for God is the most important asset that any lifestream can have on the spiritual path. Therefore, the greatest crime against children is to destroy their natural love for God and their natural feeling that they are welcome to approach God without following any outer conditions.

When I allowed the little children to approach me, I set up no conditions for their approach. It was my disciples who attempted to set up conditions for their approach. If I did not do so, why do so many modern Christians feel that their children should live up to certain conditions before they can approach God, Christ or spiritual topics?

Let the children come to me with their curiosity, their innocence and their unconditional attitude. Let the parents stand back and do some soul searching so they can realize that they need to follow my command and become as curious and innocent as a little child. And then too the adults can approach me, and they will be received with the same unconditional love with which the children are received.

In reality, all people who approach God are received with unconditional love. The problem is that most people do not perceive this unconditional love or cannot accept it. Most people have set up conditions in their minds which makes them feel that unless they live up to certain outer rules and regulations, they are not worthy to receive God’s love. Because everything is subject to free will, God cannot force you to receive his love. You must accept it, and you can do so only when you accept that you are worthy to receive it.

Most children are born with this sense of worthiness and unconditionality, and it is truly one of their greatest assets. Please do not destroy it in your zeal to give your children a “good Christian upbringing.”





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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