Spiritual significance of breastfeeding

Question: Does breastfeeding have any spiritual meaning? For example, if a baby grows in consciousness, or a mother gives back karma?


Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, it certainly does have a spiritual significance in that it's a more direct contact between mother and child. It opens the possibility of building a more direct connection between mother and child. It also serves as a very important process that helps the child make the change from being in the womb to being outside the womb. In the womb, the child feels much closer to the mother, even if the mother doesn't feel so close to the child because she doesn't have a direct perception of the child. But the child feels very close to the mother, and once it is born, breastfeeding helps the child maintain that connection. If the child is prevented from breastfeeding, it is more difficult for the child to make the transition into what we might call the physical world, being born. You see that children who have not been breastfed for various reasons, whether they were born early or whatever the case might be, it is more difficult for them. 

Now, you have to say that on a planet like earth, there are always many complicated situations. There can be a child who, for example, has a higher level of spiritual development than its mother. But for various reasons—karmic, or in order to give the parents an opportunity—the child chooses to be born in that family. But because the mother has a lower state of consciousness than the child, it can actually be better for the child that it isn't breastfed, because the child needs to create a certain distance from the mother, because the mother has a lower state of consciousness. This isn't a general concern, but it is sometimes the case. That's why there are some children who, for example, have been born early, so they couldn't be breastfed. Or in some cases, the mother has been able to tune into not wanting to breastfeed the child, and it can be because the mother sensed that the child's energies were so much higher than hers, that it actually disturbed her, even disturbing some of her chakras. So as always on earth, there is a very complex picture with many individual situations.



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