Helping children with psychological problems and free will

Question: This person is asking if we can  help young children with psychological problems. What this person does is – they use a type of script that works with children with psychological problems to help them go through, almost like a regression. Either the therapist or the parent uses it with them. What they want to know is: Is it against the free will of the child to use some type of script like this. Also if there are entities in the head of the child as well. Can we call on Archangel Michael for that protection? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

No! It isn't against the free will of the child, there are many different technologies that are already there. Many different therapies, many different techniques that are already there that could benefit children. Even benefit children who do not have specific problems or disabilities. As always, we are working with many different people to bring forth new ideas. Of course we have been doing this for decades, even centuries and millennia, working with the people that are open to receiving some kind of idea and have an expertise in a particular field. There are many, many things out there, that are valid techniques and that could be used. 

Naturally, if you are working with children, it is perfectly acceptable and very constructive for you to make calls for their protection, for them to be cut free. If you are dealing with entities, Astrea is very efficient for cutting them free. Here again, of course you can say: “is this against the free will of the child” if the child doesn't understand what you are doing? I would say again that as a general rule, the entities of course do not respect free will and will seek to manipulate the child's free will. So by cutting the child free from the entities, you are actually freeing up the child's will to make its own decisions to a larger degree. 


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