Allowing the children to have the experiences they need for their growth

Question: My son is in college and his biggest dream is to make it big on Wall Street. From a spiritual perspective that's not a very high calling. So I try to balance my desire as his parent for him to fulfill his dreams and try to combine that with Mother Mary's concept of holding the immaculate concept - the highest potential for my son's spiritual development. So I've got a little bit of a conflict on wanting him to achieve his conscious dream knowing that that might not be the highest potential for him in this embodiment. So how do I resolve that conflict?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through  Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

This is of course what most parents face with their children, that the children have a certain conscious dream at a certain phase in their lives and as a parent you can see that it isn't necessarily the highest possible but nevertheless you can hold the immaculate concept. You can express to your children how you see life, how you see their potential career but you need to let them pursue their dream because when it is a strong desire then you need to let them at least move towards acting on it. If it's just a weaker desire then it may fade away, as you know children often change what they want to be when they grow up and many boys have wanted to be astronauts but later realized that there was something else they actually wanted more. 

So in the end as a parent you need to say that if the children have a strong sense that this is what they want then you need to let them do it because the children need that experience for their growth. So the best thing that you can do is as I said, talk to your children about your views but if they still feel that this is what they have to do then support them, at least to some degree and let them run that course. Now there are of course in an area like this and in many other careers, it is possible that as they grow a little older and get to their teenage years they will have certain experiences or insights that show them what kind of an environment they are actually moving into and this might be enough to help them decide that this is not actually what they really want and go into another avenue. But it is important as a parent and especially as a spiritual parent that you don't use your spiritual beliefs to impose or I should say your spiritual experiences and knowledge and awareness, to impose a restriction on your children. Because they are not necessarily at your level of consciousness, they are not necessarily having the same vision of life that you do and they need to be allowed to have the kind of experiences they need to have. Sometimes it is of course difficult for a parent to watch when the children are having these hard knocks but that is where you then need to keep in mind “free will” and allow the children to have the experiences they need for their growth.


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