Children's interest in dinosaurs

Question: Why are today's children, including children with Downs syndrome very interested in dinosaurs and other reptiles, using them in their games instead of dolls? What is behind this? And should parents do something about this?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

What parents can do is to encourage their children to be interested in other things. The problem is that currently it would mean the children being interested in other things that are not of the highest nature, such as super heroes or cartoon characters or whatever you have. So I realize this is a difficult situation and the best you can really do for your children is to encourage them to find other things to be interested in that are of a more constructive nature. This depends on your local culture of what is available. There is not just one reason why some children today are interested in this. One reason is that today's children are generally more curious about many topics than previous generations of children.

There are also many children that come in today that have a certain inner sense that certain manifestations on earth are not the highest possible - are not balanced. So as long as the child is young and has a limited understanding with the outer mind, it can have a fascination with a topic because the child wants subconsciously to understand more about the topic. So there are certain children that come in today who have more of an interest in understanding the history of the earth and for example why there were dinosaurs on the earth. 

This really is an expression of a certain level of spiritual development where they desire to understand why things are the way they are on earth. Why there are so many manifestations that are unbalanced including why there are so many animal species that are either ugly or poisonous or so forth. From a positive standpoint we could say that these children are interested to learn as much as possible about the earth and the history of the earth. Some children also have a tie to the astral plane but many are driven by this desire to understand. So what you can do is - you can try to encourage your child to understand as much about life as possible.


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