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Question:The second question is according to the technology that was yesterday, we want to ask about our children which are addicted to this technology, they can play with computers and more violent forms, they can play with these all day, all night every time instead of playing active games, so addiction to the computers. 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2017. 

Naturally my beloved this is a valid concern in every country around the world. This new technology has indeed caused many children to go into a fantasy world where they are disconnected from what we with some blink of the eye can call the real world. This has actually accelerated this process of many people not wanting to take responsibility for their lives because they have such an easy escape from making personal difficult decisions. So what can you do about it, well you can of course make the calls on it, you can of course for your own children, simply set limits for how much they can use the technology. You can also begin to reason with them about this technology, but I must tell you that there is a certain generation of children that have come into embodiment at the same time that this technology was released. And for many of them, they simply need to have the experience of saturating themselves with this artificial technology until they reach a point where they have had enough and they spontaneously begin to long for something more than this artificial man-made world that they live in most of the time. So what I am saying is you can take the measures that you can take. You can attempt to help your children in various ways but if you cannot help them by reasoning with them. Then you should not seek to force them too much because this will only create conflict between you and themselves. And it will actually cause them to withdraw from you and thereby withdraw even more from the real world. In other words, if you can see that you cannot prevent your children from going into this, then it is more important for you to maintain a relationship with the children so they at least have some anchor point in the real world and are not withdrawing from you and therefore going more into a fantasy world in order to get away from you. So you want to maintain as much of a connection and relationship as you can, so that when they reach that saturation point they have something that can pull them back out of the fantasy world.



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