Meeting people you know from past lives

Question: There was a little thing happening to me yesterday already about meeting souls from past lives—it can happen. And what if you meet them in this life and you recognize there is a strong bond, what is the purpose of meeting in this life?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017. 


Mother Mary: The most common reason for this is that you have some unresolved issue that you would like to resolve with that person so both of you can move on. We could say that it is because you have karma with the person and although that is the case, the real issue here is that encountering this person allows you to look at something in your own psychology and resolve it. 

Perhaps, it is because you had conflicts with that person in the past life and didn't resolve it, but it can also be that you actually had a positive interaction with that person but you still did not quite resolve a psychology and that person can help you resolve it. The question to look at is always what can you learn from the situation? There are, of course, also times where you have a situation where you do not need to resolve anything, you have no karma to balance, but you have a constructive purpose for coming together because you can help each other. You can do something together that none of you can do alone.

There are various scenarios and you need to tune in to this individually. You especially need to be aware whether there is any kind of conflict or disharmony with the other person. Then it is in many cases best that you make an effort to avoid inflaming the conflict, that you even withdraw if this is necessary. Then, you make the calls for the consuming of the energy or the karma, and you are willing to look at yourself and ask yourself the questions of why you are reacting the way you are to the other person.

If there is a conflict, do not worry about changing the other person. Focus on changing yourself, focus on what you need to learn and then there may come a point where you can help the other person. But you cannot help the other person until you have risen above your own issues and come to the point where you are neutral concerning the other person, you are not agitated, you are not reacting. 

The other issue that can come into play here is that many times, when you meet a person that you have known in a past life, you can feel there is as a strong bond. If you happen to be in bodies of the opposite sex, or even sometimes in bodies of the same sex, there can be a sexual attraction and this is a much more complex issue. The only way to really deal with this in practical terms, is that you should not assume that every person you meet with whom you have a sexual attraction, that you should necessarily have a physical, sexual relationship with that person. You should not assume that this is what is meant to happen.

Because, my beloved, most of you are on the path to Christhood and you have many people from past lives with whom you may have unresolved issues and you cannot marry all of them. Now you may, jokingly look at this messenger and say he sure made a good try, (audience laughs) but nevertheless, trust me, you cannot marry all of them or have a physical relationship. 

The way to approach this is actually to have some general attitude that the fact that you have a sexual attraction does not mean that you need to have a physical relationship. It is better to strive for a state of where you are not attached to whether you have a relationship or not. You can make the calls for the consuming of any karma you have, you can look at your psychology. There are many times where you can actually feel this attraction to another person, but by using the spiritual tools and looking at yourself, you can move through the issue so that you can actually move beyond it very quickly. Whereas if you do engage in a physical relationship, there is much more of a chance that whatever unresolved psychology you have will cause you to make karma. This means that it can take longer for you to move out of the relationship again and so this can slow down your growth.

If you are sensitive to this, you can actually come to a point where you learn to sense when you are meant to have a relationship with the person you are attracted to and when you are not meant to have it. If you pay attention to this without the outer attachment, you can learn to sense this. This will not only speed up your growth, but it will also prevent you from getting into relationships that turn out to be slowing down your growth and not what you thought they should be in the beginning.

These are very complicated, very individual issues. There is no final answer to it other than, again: Walk the path, increase your intuition, and try to avoid having any fixed view of this in your outer minds. 

We have in previous dispensations talked about twin flames and soul mates, and it has often confused people because they thought that whenever they had a strong attraction, they were meant to have a closer relationship to that person. In many cases, the strong attraction is actually caused by a desire to balance the karma you have with that person. It can be much quicker to balance it without going into a physical relationship, much less complicated.



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