Is it a sin to change your appearance, such as cosmetic procedures or dyeing hair?

TOPICS: false teachers trick people into focusing on an outer standard - find internal frame of reference - excuse for not referring to your Presence - focus on actions rather than consciousness - how to evaluate behavior - will it take away from your contact with the Presence? - intellectual argumentation versus intuitive knowing - always seek balance - why are you concerned about your physical appearance - trauma from being teased in childhood - karma - the color black - black hair and black skin - in the golden age, people will be able to change their looks by the powers of the mind -

Question: Is it a sin to cut or dye your hair?  Or to remove body hair?  (As the Sikhs teach.)  What about cosmetic procedures? I've heard that every single thing about your appearance is the result of karma.  Is this true? Some teachings say that the color black is evil and ties you to the astral plane, so are people with black hair evil?  I think black hair is by far the most beautiful color hair.  Does that mean I have some former association with the fallen ones?  When I was 25, I dyed my naturally golden blonde hair black, and my grandma flipped out and said it was a sin to dye my hair black since God made me such a beautiful blonde.  At the time I thought she was completely crazy and biased, but now I wonder.  There seems to be such a strong bias towards blonde hair, is there a spiritual reason for that?  Since lighter is better spiritually, (i.e., the path of light and dark, lighter as in higher vibrational frequency, etc.,) does it mean that lighter skin, hair and eyes have a higher vibrational frequency than darker ones?  And is it okay to color your hair if it's grey (as mine is now becoming)?  I'm about to dye my hair again, but I don't want to misqualify any more energy than I already have.

Is it a sin to get liposuction if your body is completely unbalanced and disproportionate whether you are heavy or thin (as mine is)?  Or a nose job if you have a hook nose or something extreme?  Or breast implants if they don't develop or someone has to get a mastectomy?  I'm not talking about vain Heidi Montag-type stuff, but if it's truly needed, is it OK?  Or are you supposed to live with what you've got no matter how wretched?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (November 17, 2010)


In order to fully understand my answer, I recommend you study my discourse on the Way of Christ versus the way of anti-christ. In that discourse I make it clear that the entire concept of sin was created by the fallen beings who seek to control humankind.


What is the psychological effect of the concept of sin and judgment? It is to get you to focus your attention on an outer standard instead of focusing your attention on establishing or expanding the connection with your I AM Presence. The false teachers want you to think that you need an external frame of reference defined by them, defined in this world. What the true teachers want is for you to attain the internal frame of reference, so that you know from your Presence what is the right thing for you to do, situation by situation. The false teachers want you to decide what to do or not do based on their external, never-changing standard. The true teachers have no absolute or universal standard; we want each person to follow the inner directions from his or her I AM Presence or spiritual teacher.


The reason why the false teachers have been successful in getting people to accept the concept of sin is that it offers people a seemingly easy way out of making their own decisions. Once you accept that a certain church has an infallible teaching and standard, you no longer need to refer every decision to your I AM Presence. Thus, if I answered this question by saying the described activities are not sins, then some would reason that I am saying you can do whatever you want. Yet my answer is more subtle and more profound, for those who are willing to use their intuitive faculties.


Now consider an even more subtle psychological effect of the concept of sin. It causes you to become very focused on, very concerned about, what you do in this world. It causes you to focus on your actions instead of focusing on your state of consciousness. What I attempt to explain in the discourse is that it is not your actions that will determine whether you go to heaven; it is your state of consciousness.


Your actions are obviously the products of your state of consciousness. However, it is possible to willfully suppress certain actions without changing your consciousness. For example, many people have learned to suppress acts of violence, but they still feel angry at others. And many spiritual seekers have learned to always speak softly and kindly, but they have not dealt with the emotions in their subconscious minds. None of this will get you to the ascended state.


The attempt to secure salvation through actions/non-actions is an outcome of the false path to salvation, where the false teachers want you to believe that if you do what they define as right and don't do what they define as wrong, then God will have to accept you into heaven. This is the illusion that if you can fool everyone on earth, you will also fool God. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. Nothing can be hidden from God's representatives because nothing can be hidden from the Christ mind. God will not take you into his kingdom. You must raise your state of consciousness until you attain the very state of consciousness that IS the kingdom of heaven.


Do you see my point? Your actions will not get you into heaven, nor will they keep you out of heaven. The determining factor is your state of consciousness, the deeper reason why you do or don't do certain actions. So the conclusion is that the things you describe here are not sins. It is not whether you do or don't do them that matters; it is your state of consciousness that matters.


So, ideally you should make your decisions based on the inner direction from your I AM Presence. Yet until you get a clearer direction, I will offer you a "standard" for evaluating your behavior. It has several elements:

  • You have free will, but so has everyone else. If you violate other people's free will, you are obviously stepping over a boundary. Yet doing something that only affects yourself is truly a matter of your choosing. So within a very wide range, you can make any choice you want. However, if you want to make maximum progress, you need to look at your choices and consider what they tell you about the underlying state of consciousness. Why did you feel compelled to make a certain choice, what were the arguments you used to justify that choice?
  • As I say in my discourse, the most important task for you is that you engage in a path that gradually helps dis-identify yourself from your current role. In other words, if you are making progress on the Way of Christ, you will experience that you are becoming less and less concerned about – attached to – the conditions of the material world. You will no longer allow such conditions to steal your attention away from the inner contact with your Presence. Thus, your main focus will shift from seeing the outer things as important in themselves, to seeing them only as means to an end. In other words, evaluate whether something increases or decreases the tension or balance in your life. Will doing or not doing something make you feel less attached to the world or more attached to the world? Does an activity take away your inner peace?
  • The task you have is to – when you have established a connection to your Presence – become an open door for the Presence to express itself in this world and fulfill your divine plan. Thus, you will do certain things because they help you fulfill your divine plan, not because you feel compelled to do them out of fear or vanity. This means that you don't make decisions with the outer, analytical mind. You use your intuitive faculties and your decisions are based solely on an inner knowing—not intellectual or emotionally charged arguments. If you have to engage in internal or external arguments in order to justify doing something, then don't do it.
  • Another concern is to always seek for balance in your life. This ties in with the foregoing points, but it has a separate element. How do you attain balance? By attaining a perspective that is outside your mental box and outside the collective mental box of humankind. In this respect, it will be helpful for you to contemplate the fact that God does not look at life the way human beings do. One of the most subtle psychological effects of the false path is that it tends to make people feel they are very important, even very important to God. Thus, people come to think that God is very concerned about them and every little thing they do. So you need to contemplate whether God really is concerned about you dyeing your hair or wearing make-up. Does the "salvation" of the universe really depend on you having black or blonde hair?

As you begin to contemplate these elements, you will begin to feel a shift in perspective. You will feel that the tension will start to evaporate, and you can then begin to make more relaxed – balanced – decisions, instead of thinking that what you do has some ultimate importance of deciding your personal fate or the fate of the universe. So with that in mind, let me comment on the topics you mention.


Cutting or dying your hair. Removing body hair. Using make-up. 

As long as you are balanced about this, whatever you do will not hinder your spiritual growth. If you work in a professional environment, and you feel it is part of your divine plan to be there, then you can – if you feel this is right – adapt by wearing make-up or black clothes. But do so without being concerned about it. If you feel like cutting or dying your hair, do so without being concerned about it. Many women feel removing body hair makes them feel cleaner or purer. Again, this really is not an issue that you need to be concerned about. If you can do it peacefully, go ahead. If you feel a tension, then look at your psychology and find out why you feel the tension


Cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction, a nose job or breast implants.

In this case we are talking about medical procedures that carry a risk of physical danger or long-term complications. Thus, you need to carefully evaluate that risk before making a decision, and you should err on the side of caution. Liposuction is a violent procedure, and it would be far better – and produce permanent results – to work on your diet. The best way to reduce weight always has been to reduce the amount you eat and the amount of calories you eat. The vast majority of women should not – if they apply what I said above – feel a need for breast implants. Yet there could be cases where having implants would reduce the tension in your life and help you take your attention off the physical body. The same could be said for other procedures.

The bottom line is that if you feel tension or a compulsion to do something, then you need to look at your psychology. Why are you so concerned about your physical appearance? What do you fear would happen if your appearance was not up to a certain standard?


I realize many people have been mercilessly teased, ostracized or ridiculed because of their physical appearance since childhood. I understand that this can cause emotional trauma and low self-esteem. However, you could also look at it as an opportunity to discover any attachments you have and then permanently rise above them. Ask yourself why you chose to come into embodiment in a situation where you would be exposed to this? What did you want to learn from this situation? Was it perhaps to show others that you can be in this situation and yet rise above it and have a peaceful and fulfilling life? Was it to show that you can still be a loving and kind person even though you have been exposed to unkind actions from others? Then, get on with rising above it!


You may not be able to change your physical appearance or the reactions of other people. Yet the beginning of spiritual mastery is when you realize that no condition in the material world can ever have power over your Spirit. Thus, no condition can prevent you from changing yourself so that you are not bothered by material conditions.


Now for some of your other questions:


I've heard that every single thing about your appearance is the result of karma. 


Every single thing related to your appearance is the result of some state of consciousness. Yet in many cases, it is not your consciousness but the collective consciousness of the group of people into which you have embodied. In some cases, you embody in a group because you share the same state of consciousness as the group. However, in other cases, people have volunteered to take on a certain consciousness in order to show the members of the group that they can rise above it.


The very density of the physical body and its propensity for disease is a product of the fact that humankind's consciousness has been lowered far beyond the level at which the earth was created. All spiritual people are here to demonstrate that it is possible to raise your consciousness beyond the level of the lowest common denominator. Thus, don't allow yourself to think that certain physical characteristics are a sign that you have done something wrong in the past. Instead, look at your consciousness and transcend your current level.


Some teachings say that the color black is evil and ties you to the astral plane 


The color black is not evil. After the fall, black has become associated with what I in my discourse call "evil" or fallen beings. Inherently, there is nothing evil about black. When the Creator first created the void, there was no light in it, and thus it had no color—it was black. If you look into space on a starry night, empty space is black, but that does not mean space is evil.


It is, however, true that if you surround yourself with black, you can more easily attune your consciousness to the dark forces in the astral plane. Even psychologists have shown that people who are surrounded by black are more likely to develop depression. Yet this does not mean you should never wear black; only that I don't recommend that you wear exclusively black. However, as you raise your consciousness and manifest non-attachment, you can wear black without opening yourself to the astral plane. So, again, there is no outer rule that can be applied universally.


I think black hair is by far the most beautiful color hair. Does that mean I have some former association with the fallen ones? 


This is interpreting things too far. Your personal preference is often a product of inherited traits and cultural influences. There are many cultures where black is not considered evil, even some where people wear white when in mourning and black to celebrate life. It may have nothing to do with your past lives, or it may be caused by cultural influences in those past lives. Your I AM Presence has no personal preference for this or that color, and it really doesn't matter which color you like better—as long as you are not attached to it.


… so are people with black hair evil?  Since lighter is better spiritually, (i.e., the path of light and dark, lighter as in higher vibrational frequency, etc.,) does it mean that lighter skin, hair and eyes have a higher vibrational frequency than darker ones?


Human beings are more than their physical bodies; they are souls or lifestreams. Certainly, lifestreams embody in groups, but it is not correct to say that all people with black skin or all people with black hair are evil or are of a lower spiritual evolution. There are beings with high and low attainment in all groups, including people with blonde hair and fair skin. Not all blondes are good and not all blondes are dumb.


It is correct that in the etheric and in the spiritual realm, colors are more transparent and thus lighter. Yet this is simply a product of the difference in the density of the "matter" so that any form allows light to shine through it. A blue object can be as non-transparent as a black one. As I say in my discourse, the material universe was created at a certain level of density. There is nothing evil about this.


My point is that a color is simply a physical property, and there is nothing inherently evil or good about it. It is only the fallen consciousness that applies a value judgment to colors and thus ends up labeling one color as good and another as evil. Adolph Hitler obviously took this to the extreme, and we all know the result of this imbalanced reaction. Thus, I strongly encourage spiritual seekers to rise above any value judgment associated with the color of people's skin or hair. In fact, I highly recommend you transcend all tendency to apply value judgments to both other people and yourself. This is what I attempted to explain 2,000 years ago when I said:


Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man. (Matthew 15:11)


Your state of consciousness is more important than your actions.


Or are you supposed to live with what you've got no matter how wretched?


This is an interesting question. In the Golden Age, more and more people will attain the awareness that the mind has power over matter. This will actually make it possible for people to change their physical appearance by using the power of the mind alone—at least within certain limits.


The shift in consciousness that will bring the Golden Age is precisely the acceptance that you don't have to live with what you've got, including what you see on the planet as a whole. So the Golden Age will be manifest only if a critical mass of people adopt the consciousness that "We don't have to live with the way things are and we have both the right and the power to change things."


This shift in awareness has already begun, although so far it has been brought about mainly through technology. Nevertheless, it has started a shift in the collective consciousness, which opens people's minds to the potential for changing things that only a generation ago would have been considered beyond human powers. Once people begin to realize that the mind is more powerful than technology, you will see rapid changes.


In that respect, even cosmetic surgery has had a beneficial effect, as has for example body building. I am not thereby saying that ascended master students should buy weights, start eating raw meat or slather their hairless bodies with oil. I am simply saying that any activity that challenges the belief that something cannot be changed, is actually – although sometimes in a somewhat bizarre way – having the effect of helping to open the collective consciousness to the potential for a Golden Age.


So, no, you are not supposed to simply live with what you've got. However, what you do in order to change what you've got should be subject to the considerations I have described here. And as always, I recommend you start by changing your mind before attempting to change anything else. Non-attachment is always a quality to cultivate.





Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels

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