How to deal with mosquitoes, mice and flies on food - be practical!

Question: Please share a peaceful reaction or alternative action to biting mosquitoes, mice in the house and flies on food.


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018

Well I certainly understand the question given that I was in embodiment at an age where you do not even have some of the remedies you have in today’s age and I can assure you that flies on the food was a particular aversion of mine. You can of course look at this from an overall perspective and say, these kinds of annoyances are a reflection of humankind having gone into duality. This is very true but how does that help you today? Of course you can go into saying that if you raise your consciousness to a certain level – like you see for example the book of Yogananda where his guru told him to get beyond the mosquito consciousness – and you can say there is some truth to that but nevertheless how does that help you today? So truly the only practical advice I have, is to look at the practical physical measures you have available to you and make use of them. Cover your windows with some kind of screen, keep your kitchen as clean as possible, if you have a problem with mice there is a mouse trap that is spelled C A T and other measures like this. 

The question really brings up something because of course you can take any issue, any problem on Earth and you can look for a spiritual reason why this is there. You can try to look for a spiritual solution but there are many, many problems on Earth where this isn’t the most constructive approach. Simply look for the most practical physical solution, implement that and then try to be non-attached to the issue. Do what you can do and then don’t let it bother you. Don’t focus on it because the more you focus on it the worse you make it. That goes for many, many issues in the physical realm. 

I understand very well my beloved, that when you find a spiritual path, you want to look for a spiritual explanation and also a spiritual solution but you have to realise that everything is a matter of alpha and omega. There are certain problems where in the long term there is a spiritual solution to mosquitoes and it is to raise the collective consciousness to where mosquitoes can no longer exist on the planet but that solution is not very practical for you right now and therefore you need to take practical measures right now. There is a story that was told in a previous dispensation of a person who was driving on a freeway and had a flat tire and this was before the age of cell phones, so he didn’t have the option to call the towing company, so he sat in his car and decreed thinking that if he decreed then some miraculous solution would manifest and it took him three hours to realize that that wasn’t gonna happen. So he got out of his car and was waving his hand to get somebody to stop and help him but why should it take you three hours to come to that realization and just implement the practical solution and get on with life? 

So many times spiritual people can become almost too focused on providing spiritual solutions to every problem that they almost magnify the problem, instead of just simply saying, “Let’s get practical, let’s take the most practical measures and then let’s not let the problem bother us anymore.” It is very important to realise what kind of a planet you are on and that’s why again the My Lives book is so important because it gives you the concept of a natural and unnatural planet. For most spiritual people you have some inner awareness of how life should be on a natural planet, you are applying this to Earth and you are seeing that there shouldn’t be mosquitoes, there shouldn’t be mice, there shouldn’t be flies on my food, I should be able to live without this. You’re perfectly right, if you’re on a natural planet but you are not on a natural planet, so do a reality check, realise what kind of planet you are on and don’t look for spiritual solutions to practical problems. Find the most available practical solution, implement it and then move on with life.


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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