Do animals have any rights?

Question: We have talked about human rights but what about animals? Don’t they have any rights? And when we kill the animals and keep them in kind of concentration camps and eat them and make them suffer are we not making karma for ourselves?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017.

My beloved, even the concept of human rights can be understood at various levels. What you currently see as human rights is not the highest awareness of this because it is designed based on the level of consciousness at a certain time, for example in the Declaration of Independence in the United States of what could be grasped. But there is certainly a potential to raise the awareness to see that you have other human rights that are not defined in the constitutions of most democratic nations. And certainly you could come up with a set of spiritual rights which may be a topic for another time. So let me go back to animal rights. Well, you could say that animals have rights but you have to be very clear here. Planet earth was designed for human beings — for the evolution of human beings. We have said in the book that there are not animals on natural planets. There’s plant life but there are not animals. When the earth was first created, regardless of the story in the Garden of Eden, it was created without animals. There were no animals on the earth in its original state. The animals you see on earth are an expression of a lower state of consciousness after human kind descended into duality. So I realize this is a truth that many people who are loyal to the Bible will be reluctant to admit, but the fact is that the story of creation in Genesis is very much affected by the fallen beings and therefore does not refer to the original creation of the earth, but to a later period. And so the animal species that you see on earth were actually not created by God or by the Elohim. 

They were sort of manifestations of the imbalances in the collective consciousness. This can most clearly be seen in predatory animals. Can you truly imagine a paradise where there are animals that have to kill and eat other animals. And so you see this state of imbalance. And so you can also see of course that on a natural planet, people do not have to kill and eat animals. And so there will come a point where people on earth will not be eating meat, will not be eating animals. But that point is quite a ways away from where we are now. And so the concept of human rights is that these are rights that are given by a higher authority than any government on earth and therefore no government on earth should have a right to overrule those rights. 

Many dictatorships, for example, even modern China believes that Chinese citizens have rights, but those rights are defined by the state. But the real concept of human rights is that they’re defined by a spiritual authority. So the animals do not have such a spiritual set of rights because they are creations of free-will. And so what actually defines animal rights is what human beings, how they want to define it. And human beings, having free will have of course a right to define certain animal rights. And it is of course also constructive for human beings to see that there are certain treatment of animals that is “not right” as you might say, and therefore you can create the concept that animals have a right to be treated in certain ways and therefore human beings should not violate this. But you cannot take this so far as to say that in the current state that the earth is in, people, all people or even spiritual people should stop eating meat. Because of the density of the planet, as we have said before, we’re not recommending that our students become vegetarians or vegans. We’re not saying you can’t…if you feel it is right for your body. But we are saying that because of the density of matter there are actually some spiritual people that need to eat meat in order to, as you used the expression yesterday, “stay grounded” — maintain some kind of balance. There are some that need to eat meat in order to stay in the body. And so when you recognize this that at the current level of imperfection, it is necessary for the majority of the people on earth to eat meat then you recognize that it is inevitable that animals have to be killed. And naturally you can discuss what is the most humanitarian or what is the animal rights of how animals are raised, how they’re treated, how they’re killed. And obviously as society moves forward there will be more and more of an awareness there will be more and more of a desire to treat animals fairly or in a better way and so there will be many changes that will come forward in the coming decades. And certainly you can look at agriculture today with some of the farms that raise animals under very industrialized conditions and see that there will come a point where many people will simply refuse to buy products raised this way, as you see in some countries where many people have already started buying ecological food and being willing to pay more for this. 

And so many changes will happen there, but you need to recognize here that although certainly there are people who should speak out for animal rights, you need to take a balanced approach to this. You need to recognize that for the foreseeable future it will be necessary for people to eat meat. You see for example that there are many people in the third world today who live at such levels of poverty that they rarely or ever can afford to eat meat. But you can also see in some cases that their physical bodies are not as large, are not as healthy; are not as strong as the physical bodies of people who have been eating meat in a culture where they have been eating meat for generations.

And so of course eating animals can also give rise to certain diseases but nevertheless you need to recognize there will actually be an increased need for people in the poor part of the world to go through the same phase that you have gone through in the affluent part of the world of eating more meat in order for their bodies to evolve, but also in order for them to overcome a certain stage of poverty and lack. And so for the foreseeable future, eating meat will be a necessity and therefore as a spiritual person, it is constructive to just accept this. It does not mean that you should not be concerned about animals and animal rights, but you have to accept that the planet is at a certain stage and then make the best of it. The other thing is that we actually do not encourage our students to use their energy, their attention, their time on fighting for animal rights. There are other people for whom it is right to do so, but if you recognize an ascended master teaching it is more important for you to focus your attention on improving the conditions for human beings, rather than animal beings. 


Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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