Food and diet

Question: What is the importance of food and diet, how it is affecting our bodies?


Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Holland 2016.


What we have seen so many times over the years from spiritual students, is that you grow up in a society that is not particularly aware of many issues. Food and diet is just one issue among many. Then, you go through a certain awakening and you are aware that there is a spiritual path, there is more to know. And then people go through a phase where they are very focused on certain aspects of the path and one of them is, of course, what they eat and how this affects their bodies. There are many people that go through a phase where they are very focused on the body, doing various exercises, working with their diet and this and that. This is perfectly valid and a natural stage on the path. If you are at that stage, you simply need to focus on whatever appeals to you intuitively. 

Now, one thing we see continually is that many spiritual students are awakened because they find a particular teaching. Now they use that outer teaching to decide, with their outer minds, how they are going to live their lives. This may be, for example, diet. There are many spiritual teachings that recommend a certain diet and so people decide: “I am going to follow this diet.” This is valid for a time because when you are relatively new to the path, you need to experiment, you need to try different things and gain experience whereby you build your discernment.

We have in previous ascended master organisations given directions about diet. We are not doing it right now as you might notice. The reason for this is that there comes a point on the path, where you need to tune in to your body, your individual body. You cannot decide with your outer mind: “I am going to follow this diet and I’m going to do this for the rest of my life because my spiritual teacher said so.” This can be beneficial for a time, but there also comes a point where you need to say: “But what does my particular body need at this particular point in my growth process?” 

There is hardly any of you who, for example in your early twenties, could choose a diet and it would be beneficial for you to stay on that diet for the rest of your lives. Hardly anyone can do this because when you are a spiritual student, you raise your consciousness so quickly that there will come a point where your body simply needs a different diet in order to accommodate your spiritual growth. What we are looking for at this stage of the revelation we are giving is that people use our teachings to work on their psychology and to achieve attunement.  Then, you use your attunement to determine what diet works for you—if any diet. Some of you don’t need a particular diet.

I would like to say that we have talked about hatred of the Mother, we have talked about how many spiritual students have not fully accepted that you are in physical embodiment. You have not fully made peace with the fact that you are in physical embodiment because of the birth trauma, because of the shock of seeing what is going on on this planet. We understand this, we understand the difficulty of this, but as you work on your birth trauma, as you work on your psychology, there comes a point where you need to make peace with your physical body. You need to actually accept that you are in the physical body. You need to realize that you are only in this body for a time. It may feel like it’s a long time, but I can assure you that once you are out of the body and have the perspective that you have, out of the body (even if you are not ascended), you will see that one embodiment is just a brief moment in the ongoing process that is your being.

You can gain some of that perspective and say: “I accept I am in this body and it is just for a time. But while I’m here I am going to make the best of it, I’m going to make the best of the body I have right now because I want to make maximum spiritual progress in this lifetime and I also want to manifest my Divine plan.”  Getting to the point where you are fully accepting your body is very important. It is also important to go beyond it and come to the point where you actually love your body. Can you love every part of your body? Can you love every cell in your body? 

Why is there a growth in cancer my beloved? It is the cells destroying themselves, but it is because the cells don’t feel loved by the person, the being, inhabiting the body. There is a need to love your body and mind you, this, my beloved, it is not a matter of only loving the body when it is perfectly healthy and not bothering you. The real challenge is if you are ill; if you have certain chronic conditions. Love your body anyway!  Love the cells, love the organs, love that body. This is actually much more important than a physical diet. When you get to the point where you accept your body and you love your body, you are much better able to tune in to the body. When you do not accept the body, the body is almost like something you are resisting and you cannot tune in to what you resist. Resistance and attunement are opposites and so when you get to the point of acceptance and loving your body, you can tune in and say: “What does my body need?” 

I would also encourage you to work on getting to a point where you realize that of course there are many issues in the world that can harm your body, there are many kinds of food and chemicals and pollution that can harm your body and you need to be somewhat aware of this. You need to not take in certain substances and certain pollutants if you can possibly avoid them. I would like to point out to you that when a body is functioning at what should be its normal capacity, your physical body is actually an alchemical instrument. It is possible to take in certain substances and they do not affect your body because your body can transform it.

What I am saying with this is not that you should not be careful. I am not telling you to eat anything you want, even though yogis of a certain attainment can eat anything without having it harm the body. That is not what I am saying. I am saying: “Do be careful, but do not be overly careful. Do not be fanatical about diet.” First of all, I am telling you to consider this: “Are you living in a hostile universe or a friendly universe?” You can look at planet earth, you can look at all the imperfections, you can look at this problem and this pollution and this toxic thing and that; and you can get into a state of mind where you think that the matter realm, the Mother realm, is hostile to you. It is out to get you, it is out to harm your body or yourself.

What I would encourage is to take Saint Germain’s teaching on making an alchemical shift in consciousness and accepting the Golden Age, accepting how the Golden Age can be manifest. Ask yourself this: “Can the Golden Age be manifest in a hostile universe?” Nay, it requires a friendly universe. You can then make the alchemical shift in consciousness: “I am living in a friendly universe. I am living in the Mother realm and the Mother realm will not harm me when I exercise due caution. It is possible that there are certain things I can take in that might be harmful to some people, but I do not need to be overly concerned about it because my body can transform it.”

You see, you go into a state of mind that is not based on fear, not based on doubt, but you go into a state of mind where you are living in a friendly universe. You are flowing with the River of Life and you allow yourself to actually enjoy life. You can even go into a state where you begin to evaluate  – when you come across a certain diet or a certain idea of what you should eat or not eat – you can actually centre yourself in the heart, you can tune in to my Being and you can ask me very simply: “Mother Mary, will this make a difference or will it not?” If you are attuned, you will know that if it will make a difference, you will get a raising feeling in your heart chakra. If not, you will get a sinking feeling in your heart chakra. If implementing something does not make a difference for you, why worry about it?

You can also get to a point where you are so attuned to your body that you do not need to have in your outer mind, a rigid scheme for what you should eat or not eat. You are just tuning in: “What does my body want to eat?” You will know that there are many women who while they are pregnant get a craving to eat a certain kind of food. Now, in some cases this may be a lower craving, but in most cases it is because the woman is actually attuned to the soul that is coming in. The soul, in order to be more integrated with the physical octave, needs the vibration from a certain type of food and the same thing happens all the time. There may be a period where for some reason that you do not necessarily know with your conscious mind, you need to take in a certain kind of food because your body needs it to get to a certain stage.

You understand, my beloved, that ageing is actually caused by the body not following the natural process. We have said that ideally the natural process for your mind, for your soul, should be that you are raising your consciousness throughout your lifetime. The natural state for your body is that your body is constantly also being transformed into a higher and higher state. In an ideal world, which you are too far from at the present to manifest it, but in an ideal world your body would not age at all. It would not necessarily become younger but it would become transformed in a positive way, throughout your lifetime, in step with the raising of your consciousness. 

Instead, you have all come to believe in the illusion created by the fallen beings that your body must age and die of disease or old age. So many times, you are not actually aware that your body is not a fixed entity that can only deteriorate, your body is actually a process that can grow all the time. It goes through certain stages and at some stages you may need a certain type of food or a certain diet. Therefore, you give it to your body, instead of overriding your body’s tendency with the mind. You can also come to a point where you recognize that sometimes you, for whatever reason that you don’t need to analyze, feel like eating a certain food and then you eat it. It gives you enjoyment. Something that gives you enjoyment very rarely harms your body unless it contains some toxic substance that you are not aware of. We are encouraging you to have a less rigid, more intuitive approach to diet. So many people have an intellectual, analytical approach to diet. When you raise your awareness, you can have an intuitive approach to diet and this is what we know you are capable of when you are using the tools and the teachings we have given.



Copyright © 2016 Kim Michaels

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