Why mental illness is on the rise

Question: I have a question for mental illness in the modern world. We live in a world where there is an aftermath of depression and psychological disorders and its an invisible illness or that affects a huge amount of people and it seems to be happening to more and more people at a younger and younger age in these times. And modern medicine seems to really do very little to help people with problems and with these conditions. And I'm just wondering what sort of hope is there for people suffering from depression and mental illness and in these times other than a lifetime of basically silent suffering. 


Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Holland 2016.


The key words there is that it is an invisible illness. But you see, my beloved, mental illness is only invisible because science wants to look at everything from a materialistic perspective. From my perspective, as the representative of the Divine Mother, mental illness is very visible and I can easily see when there are patterns in the emotional, mental or identity body that sets people up for a mental illness.  

Science would be able to see this as well if they were willing to look beyond the materialistic paradigm and therefore discover the technology that is already there for how they could see the higher bodies. You can make them visible on a computer screen, learn to diagnose and see when there is a problem in the emotional body that needs to be addressed. Of course, science would also have to go away from the mechanistic paradigm where you think that you have to discover a mechanical cause of the visible effect and then change that mechanical cause through some kind of chemical remedy that has a mechanical, physical effect. 

What sense does it make, my beloved, that you talk about mental illness, but you can only see the solution as a physical, chemical component? This makes no sense whatsoever. Neither does it make any sense to have a form of psychology that is based on denying anything beyond the material world and therefore seeking to treat an illness in the subconscious mind based on working exclusively with the conscious mind and trying to make the subconscious visible, which in many cases is not possible until you have cleared the energy in the emotional or mental bodies.  

What is condemning more and more people to a mental illness, is that science is stubbornly holding on to a  materialistic paradigm. The increase in mental illness, the increase in more and more young people, is a direct result of the fact that the materialistic paradigm has some time ago outlived it's usefulness. You understand that when you go back to the superstition of the Middle Ages, the scientific mindset was indeed progress to help people get beyond a certain level in which they had become stuck, especially here in Europe. This did not mean that the scientific mindset had to be developed into the materialistic paradigm, which is as repressive to progress as the Catholic paradigms of the Middle Ages. 

Yet even this can be tolerated for a time because it still brought some progress, so therefore we, when a new idea or trend emerges in society, say: “Okay, we will allow people to explore this experience for a time.” We will actually hold back some of the consequences they are creating by this approach. That is why you have seen tremendous technological progress, but there also comes a point where we say: “Now, humankind has had enough time to dwell in this particular experience of wanting to force everything into a materialistic viewpoint that has a mechanical solution. It is time that they realised that this has certain limitations and it is time they begin to look at the next step. And if they will not do this, then we can no longer hold back the consequences.” 

Then, the consequences will begin to manifest partly as what you see as the increased number and severity of mental illnesses. And you will see that this especially happens in the more developed part of the world because this is where you have beings who have embodied who have reached the level of consciousness where their primary challenge is no longer the physical, material world and their physical, material sustenance and survival. Instead, their challenge is now to start working on their psychology because they now have the free time that allows them to work on their psychology. 

Because they have not been given an understanding of this through their upbringing, they are not voluntarily working on their psychology. And that means you will now see the manifestation of a mental illness that forces them to do something about their psychology. Of course, they were not voluntarily working on their psychology because of the materialistic paradigm and now the materialistic paradigm is preventing them from resolving their mental illness. 

I understand fully that this causes an incredible amount of suffering. I would gladly help people alleviate that suffering, but I cannot do so if they are not willing to look beyond the materialistic paradigm and take responsibility for themselves, recognize they are spiritual beings. There is, of course, hope of resolving any psychological issue, that is what we have given teachings about, we have given tools for this.

We are not saying in any way that the teachings and tools we have given and the techniques that we have given through this messenger are the only way to deal with this. There are many other things that are modalities that have already been brought forth, but there are many more waiting to be brought forth when more and more people  begin to look beyond the materialistic paradigm.  If all goes as I envision, it will be a matter of two to three decades and then mental illness will be a rare occurrence. But it will be rare, of course, because most people will be brought up, from an early age, to see that life is a process of working on their psychology. As long as they are working on it, there will be no need to manifest the crisis that you today label as a mental illness.  

In reality, this is not a mental illness. Much of what you today see as a mental illness is because you have this distorted view of illnesses. You think that there is certain state of normality and when something happens that doesn't fit the norm, then it is an illness that should be fought. But in reality, many physical illnesses, and certainly the majority of mental illnesses, are a sign that it is time  for you to change your consciousness. Because you are not doing this, you are getting a more and more severe reminder that it is time to step up to a higher level.  

It is actually something that many people have created themselves so that if they forgot about their spiritual progress when they came into embodiment, they wanted some mechanism that could remind them of the need to pursue this path. What you see is that many young people have come in partly because they want to make progress themselves, partly because they want to help create a change in society where society gives up the materialistic paradigm. One of the ways this can happen is that mental illness reaches such an epidemic proportion that it finally becomes clear that society cannot deal with this problem through the materialistic paradigm. And it is absolutely necessary to look for a different solution. 

Now, this is what we have talked about: Progress can happen by a breakdown where you face a crisis that forces you to look for change. Or it can happen voluntarily by more and more people waking up and beginning to do something about the condition. You yourselves are in many cases examples of how you have had psychological issues, but you have been courageous enough to use the spiritual path, to use a spiritual teaching, to deal with them. You can serve as examples and as teachers for others and you can even serve in a more direct capacity as therapists who help others deal with these issues. You can even, some of you, serve to make society aware of the need to shift away from the materialistic paradigm and find an entirely new approach. 



Copyright © 2016 Kim Michaels

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