Overcoming the sorrow of abortion

TOPICS: It is never too late to heal - once something has happened, the only concern is how to move on - earth is a very complex environment, where you cannot always do what you planned - lifestreams can receive other opportunities to come into embodiment - use spiritual tools to consume all energies and karma - accept God’s forgiveness and move on -

Question: I am a 41 year old mother of two beautiful children. I've had a total of five pregnancies—1 miscarriage, and two abortions. I've been conflicted about the abortions for a long time, trying to find peace with God and my decision to abort those children. How can I make peace with this? Is it too late? Can those souls know the depths of my sorrow and regret at having denied them opportunity? For a time I was able to rationalize that my two existing children were the souls of those I aborted, and that they had simply had to wait until a 'better' time when I could be the mother to them that I desired to be. Now I'm not so sure, and my sorrow is renewed.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


My beloved sister, I have already answered a very similar question elsewhere, and everything I said in that answer certainly applies to your situation. Let me add a few comments here to address the issues that were not addressed in my previous answer.

Let me first say that nothing is ever too late. You can make peace with any mistake you have made, and the first and most important step is to recognize that you made a mistake. You have already completed this step, and therefore what is left is to forgive yourself as I explain in the other answer.

You ask if the lifestreams you aborted can know the depths of your sorrow, and the answer is that they can and do. However, they do not want you to feel sorrow. They want you to recognize your mistake, learn from your mistake and then accept God's love and forgiveness so that you can move on with your life. These lifestreams have no desire to hurt or punish you; they simply desire to move on and they desire to see you move on.

It is correct that an abortion denies the lifestream an opportunity to come into embodiment. Yet it is not correct to assume a given pregnancy was the only opportunity for that lifestream to come into embodiment. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying. My previous remarks on abortion state clearly that society should make abortion illegal and that a woman should not have an abortion except in a life-and-death situation. Nevertheless, once an abortion has taken place, there is nothing you can do to change what has happened. What you can do is to turn the situation around so that everyone involved can grow from the situation.

Planet earth is currently a very chaotic environment that presents numerous challenges for the ascended masters. We are faced with a very complex web of karmic relationships, and in all this chaos we are always seeking for the best way for any lifestream to grow. Before a lifestream comes into embodiment, the lifestream and its spiritual teachers create a blueprint for how the lifestream can make maximum use of its opportunity. This can include that the lifestream is to give birth to a certain number of children and that this should ideally happen at certain times.

Yet we of the ascended masters realize fully that once the lifestream is in embodiment, there are numerous factors that can interfere with the lifestream’s blueprint for that lifetime. A woman might have decided to have a certain number of children before coming into embodiment, but things can happen that can cause the woman to change her mind. This is allowed according to the Law of Free Will. Things can also happen to make it impossible for the woman to have children or to raise them in a reasonable environment. So we of the ascended masters understand that circumstances can make it impossible or difficult for a woman to give birth to the number of children she planned ahead of time.

What I am saying here is that you should not allow yourself to think that if you abort a lifestream or if you decide not to have children, the lifestream of the unborn child has no other way to come into embodiment. Because of the treacherous conditions found on earth, the ascended masters have become experts in finding alternative ways for a given lifestream to come into embodiment.

It is quite possible that a woman who has an abortion and then has a child within a few years can actually give birth to the aborted lifestream. However, it is also possible that that lifestream can find another opportunity to come into embodiment. In other words, a lifestream will always look for the next opportunity to move on with its divine plan. When a suitable opportunity arises, the lifestream will take that opportunity.

Please use my teachings to overcome your sense of sorrow and regret. You made an imperfect decision, but you have now admitted the imperfect choice and learned from your mistake. The next thing you can do is to use spiritual tools to call for the consuming of the negative consequences of your decision. You can use the Violet Flame and Mother Mary’s rosaries to call for the consuming of the burdens to the lifestreams you aborted. You can call for the consuming of all karma that you have made for that decision and all karma between yourself and the aborted lifestreams. It is safe to assume that any woman who has an abortion (an any man involved with that decision) will have karma from past lives with the lifestream of the aborted child. Therefore, the best you can do for yourself and the lifestream of the child is to make diligent calls for the consuming of that karma.

My point here is that in any situation where people make a mistake, God wants you to learn from your mistake, accept his forgiveness, forgive yourself and all other people involved and then move on with your spiritual path towards Christhood. I want you to move on, and so does every member of the ascended masters. Your Christ self wants you to move on and so do the lifestreams of the children you aborted. Therefore, if everyone wants you to move on, then please allow your outer mind to accept God's forgiveness so that you can move on and overcome this burden.

I came that all might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. I desire to give you the gift of the abundant life. Will you accept my gift? If you will, then accept your wholeness and go and sin no more.





Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels

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