How to discern, whether an issue is from my own psychology or from the mass consciousness?

TOPICS: Any psychological issue has two components: personal and the mass consciousness - the intensity is not yours - don’t identify with the issue - you took it on to help others - demonstrate how to transcend the issue -

Question: Is there a way of discerning whether an issue you are experiencing and have to transcend is truly within your own psychology, or is something from the mass consciousness you volunteered to take on?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Well, the simple answer is that any issue you are dealing with has two components. There is a component in your own psychology – there always will be – because if you did not have some aspect of the condition in your own being, you would not be able to take it on from the mass consciousness. So when you have any issue you are dealing with, you should always apply the technique of looking for the beam in your own eye.

But what we have attempted to help you see is that many of you who are spiritual people have taken on something from the mass consciousness. Now, be careful and listen to what I am saying.

You do have to recognize that you have an element of this particular issue in your own consciousness, but what you have to recognize is that the intensity of the energy you are dealing with is not your own. In other words, if you are dealing with anger, it is not that you in this or past lifetimes have created this intensity of anger that you might be feeling—or fear, or whatever it might be. So the intensity of what you are dealing with is what comes from the mass consciousness. And when you recognize this, you can somewhat distance yourself from the intensity so you are no longer so overwhelmed by it or so identified with it. And this should make it easier to deal with the energy – whatever it might be – because you have distanced yourself from it.

Yet you should also acknowledge that if you have taken on a certain issue, it is because there is some element of it still left in your being. And so you need to work on that and get to the point where you resolve it. For you see, what is the purpose of taking something on from the mass consciousness? It is not simply that you carry it in order to lighten the load of other people. For you see, if you did so only to set them free, well then they would simply eat, drink and be merry—now that they did not have the load to carry. So the other aspect of it, the Alpha aspect so to speak, is that you demonstrate how to process that issue in your own consciousness—how to rise above it, how to free yourself from the illusion behind it.

And whether you simply demonstrate this to people who know you, or whether you eventually come to the point of speaking this out and teaching it to a bigger audience, well that will depend on your individual divine plan and also to some degree on your choosing.

What you see is that there are really both things going on here—that you cannot take on something if you do not have an element of it; but that you do not need to identify yourself with the intensity of the energy. So you do not need to feel that if I have this amount of fear or anger, I must have been a really bad person in past lives. This is completely unnecessary, and you should all strive to free yourself from this burden by shifting your perspective or by giving decrees and invocations as necessary to transform the energy until you have lightened the load so much that you can shift your perspective.

For I know well that many people are so burdened by the energy itself that it does no good to tell them, “Oh, just look at it a different way and you won't feel it.” For they cannot look at it a different way as long as they are so overwhelmed by the energy; which is why we have given you tools – including the spiritual crisis toolkit – to help people deal with the energy, to lighten the load so they can indeed raise their vision and thereby shift their perception.





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