The use of drugs for the treatment of psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder

TOPICS: Drugs numb the mind so the person doesn’t have to look for cause - can make disease worse - drug industry driven by profit motive and greed - do not want to cure disease - attitude of looking for quick-fix - disease is a message to change your lifestyle - do not take black-and-white approach - health care industry will be transformed - holistic approach - in severe cases drugs can be necessary -

Question: Dear Jesus, I have a question regarding the use of drugs for the treatment of psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADD, etc. Do these drugs have a negative impact on a lifestream's growth, meaning do they keep a lifestream from truly resolving one's psychological problems by dulling the symptoms? What can one do to overcome these conditions without relying on man-made drugs? I have a specific interest on this because I am starting out in the field of pharmaceutical drug discovery and have begun to question the validity of giving these types of drugs to people, even young children (especially since most of the time drugs are released to the public without their real long-term side effects being known).


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


You are correct that in many cases the use of drugs to treat psychological conditions can have the effect of hindering or preventing the lifestream's spiritual growth. Many drugs simply numb the mind so that the person no longer feels the symptoms. Therefore, the person has no incentive to discover the psychological cause behind these symptoms. Consequently, a person can live with a psychological problem for a lifetime without ever making an effort to truly resolve it and therefore grow spiritually.

It is necessary to question the use of such drugs, and I am sure you are aware that recent scientific studies have shown that when children are treated with certain drugs, they tend to become suicidal or even more depressed than before the treatment. In some cases, the cure is worse than the disease.

I can assure you that there is much that is out of balance in the modern pharmaceutical industry. Many large drug companies are driven by a profit motive that springs from greed. Although these people have a typical business attitude of maximizing profit, they never stop to question whether it is appropriate to profit from people's illnesses. And in their eagerness to make a profit, such companies actually do not want to truly cure disease, be it physical or psychological. After all, no person who is driven by greed would want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Nevertheless, the approach to health care taken in many western nations is not exclusively driven by the pharmaceutical industry or greed. It is also fueled by an attitude that people are supposed to be able to live however they want. When their lifestyles lead to unpleasant symptoms, be they physical or psychological, we need to find a drug or some surgical quick-fix that can remove the symptoms without requiring the person to change his or her lifestyle.

This is a completely backward approach to health care. Both physical diseases and psychological diseases are messages sent by the lifestream to the outer mind. The essence of the message is always that the person needs to change his or her lifestyle and approach to life. If a person is willing to do so, genuine spiritual growth will be the result. If the person is not willing to change, and seeks to remove or mask the symptoms, then the person will become more entrenched in the lower state of consciousness, and this will only create worse symptoms in the future.

I can assure you that this approach to life and health simply is not sustainable. Over the next decades, it will surely change, and you can already see the beginning of this change in terms of the growing interest in natural remedies. I greatly encourage the interest in most forms of alternative or holistic healing, including many of the new therapies that are being embraced by so many people that are New Age or on the cutting edge of traditional religions.

However, I do not encourage people to take a black-and-white approach LINK to this issue. There is indeed much of value in modern medicine, and even though changes will happen in the coming decades, many of the advancements of modern medicine will endure. I foresee that in the coming decades the entire health care industry will go through a transformation that will refocus it on preventing disease and finding a true cure instead of simply masking the symptoms. Finding a cure, even for physical diseases, must involve a holistic approach that seeks to heal the person’s psyche or lifestream. This will inevitably require a change in the persons approach to life and his or her lifestyle.

I also want to say that even though there are many cases in which drugs simply mask the symptoms and prevent the person from growing spiritually, there are also many exceptions. There are severe cases in which a person simply would not be able to recover through psychological healing alone. When the psychological ailment has gone beyond a certain point, the person will need relief from the symptoms in order to be able to deal with the underlying cause. It can therefore be valid to use certain drugs as a treatment in order to bring the symptoms down to a level that enables the person to go into the deeper causes behind the symptoms. Yet this should be a temporary remedy that should be followed up with psychological healing.

In terms of whether spiritually minded people should choose a career such as the one you mention, this should not be decided by the outer mind, and it should not be decided based on a black-and-white approach. I know there are many spiritual people who reject all of modern medicine, but I do not encourage this extreme approach. So therefore, I encourage you to seek to gain insights from your Christ self as to what is the right career for you.

There is indeed a need for people in the medical field who are spiritually minded and open to receiving directions from their Christ selves and the ascended masters. So you might consider whether your education can give you the opportunity to work for other companies than big multinational drug companies. Could you work for research institutions, nonprofit organizations or universities?

In terms of how you can heal psychological diseases, I have already spoken on this elsewhere in this section. I recommend that you begin by reading my discourse on schizophrenia.





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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