You don’t need to suffer in order to be forgiven by God

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Question: Regarding forgiveness, is it necessary for one to turn to God for forgiveness? I know that in my personal relationships I seek to forgive those who have hurt me even if they never ask for forgiveness, so that I can cleanse my heart of all unforgiveness. So it would seem that God's unconditional Love forgives us even before we ask. So, in regard to your answer to the question about the unforgivable sin, it would seem that it is man who keeps himself in an unforgivable state by not reaching up to a higher state of consciousness, but God's Love is always there waiting for us to turn to Him. Is this a correct understanding? 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


You have understood the essence of forgiveness, and you have expressed it eloquently. God's love is unconditional, and therefore God's forgiveness is instantaneous. You do not have to ask for it, for it rains upon the just and the unjust.

In a sense, you never need to be forgiven by God; you only need to accept that you are forgiven by God. The problem is that until you forsake the consciousness that caused you to commit wrong actions, you will not be able to accept God's forgiveness.

So one might say that the process of saving a lifestream is a process of helping that lifestream to rise above the consciousness that causes it to misqualify God’s energy. And as it rises above that consciousness, the last step is that the lifestream accepts God’s forgiveness for any of its former actions, so that it can fully accept that it is free from the past. However, what will it take for a lifestream to accept that forgiveness? Many lifestreams do feel that they need to turn to God and ask for forgiveness, and doing so is perfectly valid.

By asking for God’s forgiveness, the lifestream admits its wrong actions. Obviously, this is not done for God’s sake, because the lifestream can never hide its actions from God. So the value here is psychological. By admitting its actions before God, the lifestream is admitting to itself that the actions were wrong. And this is the primary step the lifestream must take to separate itself from the consciousness that caused it to commit those actions. Unfortunately, admitting that you have sinned can give rise to guilt that can block your ability to accept God’s forgiveness.

The problem on earth is that there are so many serpentine lies that cause people to believe that it is difficult or impossible for them to overcome the past. These range from the belief that God is an angry and judgmental God, over the belief that some sins are unforgivable, to the belief that in order to be free of your sins, you need to go through a certain amount of pain and suffering.

Many people believe that if you have caused pain to another human being, your experience of pain will somehow make up for it, as if two wrongs could make a right. Throughout the ages, the psychological mechanism that people feel they have to pay back their sins through suffering has given rise to a number of religious teachings and rituals. These were given by the ascended masters for the purpose of helping people trick their minds into accepting God's forgiveness and thereby becoming free of their past.

Unfortunately, people are quick to build on to such teachings and to create their own doctrines and rituals that are often quite bizarre. One example is the concept that inflicting bodily pain upon yourself will somehow make up for your sins. Another is that inflicting emotional pain upon yourself will make up for your sins. The simple truth is that both of these actions will misqualify God’s energy, and how can you make up for the fact that you misqualified energy in the past by misqualifying more energy in the present? Misqualified energy does not cancel out misqualified energy—only spiritual energy can cancel out lower energy.

There is, however, as subtle mechanism which makes the sensitive lifestream aware that it has created an imbalance in the universe. Even though many Christians do not understand the concept of karma, or misqualified energy, they sense that they have sinned, and their lifestreams feel that until they have restored the balance of the universe, they are not free of their sins. I realize that most Christians are not consciously aware of the concept of karma, but nevertheless this is one of the reasons why people have trouble forgiving themselves.

Many spiritual seekers have a deep desire to set things right with God and restore the balance of the universe. Therefore, they intuitively feel that they have not yet balanced all of their karma, and therefore they are not free of the past. While this intuitive feeling is a sign of spiritual maturity, the many wrong beliefs about sin that are floating around in this world often cause spiritual seekers to feel that until they have reestablished balance, they should continue to feel guilty for their mistakes.

As I explained in the beginning, this simply is not necessary. If you have forsaken the consciousness that caused you to commit a certain mistake, then you no longer need to feel guilty for having made that mistake. What purpose could it possibly serve that you go around feeling guilty for something that is behind you? It will only keep you tied to that state of consciousness and prevent you for completely letting go of it.

My point here being that when you truly understand forgiveness, you realize that balancing your karma is a mechanical process. As long as you keep making payments, would you feel guilty for owing money to the bank? Likewise, as long as you keep working on balancing your karma, there is no reason to feel guilty for having made that karma, at least not when you have overcome the consciousness that caused you to make those mistakes.

I understand that some lifestreams feel the need to retain their sense of guilt until the karma is fully paid back, feeling that it will spur them on to move faster. Yet it is always my hope that the more mature lifestreams can see that this really is not necessary. I hope all spiritual seekers can accept God's forgiveness and their own freedom from all sense of being a sinner or being unworthy in the eyes of God.





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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