How to heal your energy field after a traumatic experience

TOPICS: Your energy field can be hurt - take time for emotional healing - spiritual R & R - set aside time for healing - a healing ritual - do not stress about it -

Question: I have recently gone through some rough times, but I feel it has assisted me on my path of spiritual growth. I am, however a bit drained and am finding it hard to feel connected to God when I pray and meditate. I try but all I see is black. What can one do to get that inner sense of peace and connection to God?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


You can begin by recognizing the reality of the situation, and the reality is that you have been wounded and need healing. I see so many people who get hurt emotionally, yet have no idea how to heal themselves. It is one of the great lacks in western culture that people are not brought up with an understanding of how to heal their energy fields and psychology. All of this will change in the coming decades, but that does little to help you now. So what you need to do is to recognize that as your body can get hurt, so can your energy field, meaning your mental and emotional bodies.

If you had broken a leg, there is no question that you would have to go to the hospital. You would also have to spend some time to let the leg heal before you could go on with your normal routine. The problem is that most people do not recognize that their energy fields can be hurt just as their bodies. And when your energy field is hurt, you need to break off from your daily routine, take care of yourself and heal your mental and emotional bodies just as you would heal the physical body. Yet most people think that if you get hurt emotionally, you should be able to carry on your daily responsibilities as if nothing had happened. If you break a leg, you do not expect that you can run a marathon until it is healed. Likewise, if you have severely damaged your energy field by going through a traumatic experience, you should not expect to go on with your daily activities without making an effort to heal yourself.

When you find it difficult to pray and meditate, or in other ways connect to God, it is because your energy field has been damaged. Your field is therefore open to negative energies from the outside, and they are streaming into your field and overpowering your thoughts and feelings, making it difficult to meditate or even pray. So you need to be very conscious of the fact that you need to take some time to heal your energy field, just as you would do if your body was hurt. What I would suggest is that you need some spiritual R & R, and with that I don't mean rest and relaxation but rest and ritual.

If you had broken a leg, you would immediately make the decision that you had to set aside certain normal activities and do what was necessary to heal your leg. Therefore, to heal a psychological wound, you need to start by making a similar decision, namely that it is necessary to set aside some of your normal activities and heal yourself.

You will need rest to heal your energy field, but rest does not necessarily mean inactivity. If you break a leg, you do need to keep it still, but the inevitable side effect is that your muscles will become weak. To heal your energy field, you need to stop activities that cause you strain, such as certain parts of your daily routine, but you should not simply become inactive or passive.

I recommend that you set aside as many of your normal activities as you can, and then engage in a set ritual that you follow every day. If you were sick and had to take medicine, there would be no doubt in your mind that you would take that medicine twice a day as prescribed by the doctor. When it comes to healing your energy field, you need spiritual medicine. Therefore, you need to make a decision that you will engage in a specific spiritual ritual and that you will perform the ritual every day. You simply make a firm decision that you will perform a specific ritual and that you will keep doing so for a certain period of time, such as two or three weeks.

I realize that people feel exhausted after a traumatic experience, and the thought of performing a ritual can seem overwhelming. Yet in reality, your emotional body will welcome the ritual because a ritual will help reestablish the order and integrity of your energy field. After all, it was the chaos and irregularity of the negative experience that caused the trauma. So the key to healing is not to refrain from all activity. The key is to reestablish regularity, and a ritual is the best way to do this.

What can seem overwhelming is the thought of making decisions and having to perform the ritual daily. That is why I suggest approaching it as if the doctor had prescribed medicine for a physical illness. In that case, the decision is made out of necessity, and once a firm decision is made, there is no stress about it. You simply have to do it. In performing a spiritual ritual every day, you will build a positive spiral that will eventually heal your energy field and once again seal it from the negative energies that cause you to see darkness during the meditation.

When I say spiritual ritual, I do not mean a ritual that requires you to think or even concentrate. I am talking about a ritual that you can follow in an almost mechanical manner until you are healed and can once again start putting more heart into the ritual.

My suggestion would be to give the calls to
Archangel Michael for the protection of your energy field against any negative energies or dark forces. I suggested you give this call for at least 15 minutes once a day at a certain time. I would also suggest that you spend 15 minutes giving calls to the Violet Flame. I also suggest 15 minutes of calls to the Elohim Astrea.


Simply decide to set a time every day when you know you can do it, and then repeat it every day. You can give the Violet Flame calls both after the calls to Michael and after the calls to Astrea.

If you have more time, I suggest using one of the many rosaries and invocations. There is surely one or more that will address your specific form of trauma. When you go through a traumatic experience, it is almost inevitable that fragments of your lifestream will split off and be separated from the whole. This leaves a vacuum that makes room for dark energies to enter your field. The East-West Invocation calls for the return of such fragments.

My point here is that you do not attempt to perform a ritual that requires any kind of thought or decisions on your part. You simply decide that you have been hurt and that you need to take this particular medicine once or twice a day. Then you perform the ritual without giving it any kind of thought, exactly as if you were required to take medicine to heal the body.

If you will perform such a ritual religiously, you will begin to see an improvement and you will again be able to feel connected to God. Let me also say that while you are going through this process of healing, you should not worry about feeling connected to God. If your energy field has been bruised or damaged, it will be very difficult for you to feel connected to God. Simply be unconcerned about this and perform the ritual until you spontaneously feel that your connection to God is coming back. If you do the ritual every day, your connection will come back. Yet if you start stressing about not feeling connected to God, you will only make the situation worse. That is why I recommend a ritual that you can follow mechanically until your energy field regains enough wholeness to reestablish the connection to God.





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