Blaming yourself for not being perfect

Question: I joined the path to self-mastery rituals year by year, and I've gone through the "My Lives" and “Healing Your Spiritual Traumas “ book. After finishing this one and feeling compelled to work with my Birth Trauma, I made mother Mary's visualization some time ago. And since then, I've been haunted by the memory of old mistakes from 20 years ago. Is stirring the subconscious pot, a natural stage of freeing from the birth trauma, or am I still not prepared for the process?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.


Well, certainly, if you have memories of mistakes in this lifetime, that doesn't relate to your birth trauma, but what can relate to your birth trauma is that the birth trauma involves blaming yourself, feeling you should have been perfect. You shouldn't have made those mistakes. Many of us, as spiritual people in an embodiment on a planet like earth have this sense that we should have known better, we should have been able to avoid making certain mistakes, we should have been able to avoid being fooled by the fallen beings and this and that. You need to recognize what we have said: in order to take embodiment on earth for the first time, you need to descend to the 48th level of consciousness. And in order to descend to that level, you must take on all of the illusions from the 144th level, to the 48th level. Now you are no longer seeing what you could see before you came into embodiment, be it as an avatar or something else. You have a limited vision where you are seeing through the veil of all of these illusions from the 48th  to the 144th, and that's why you can make the same mistakes as anybody else on the planet.

All of us have made some of those mistakes. There was a process that this messenger went through where he, for some time, felt that as a messenger as a spiritual teacher, he should be above certain mistakes or certain feelings or certain patterns. But he came to the recognition that he needed to accept that he was a human being like everybody else. He didn't need to demand a higher standard of perfection from himself than he would demand from other people. The same goes for each and every one of you. You need to recognize here that we have all made mistakes when we were in embodiment on this planet. It is a very dense planet. Many times we can create this primal self or at least one of the selves that come after the primal self where we are blaming ourselves and feeling we should never have done this. This is something to look at, give the exercise again, ponder this dynamic of why you are so concerned about mistakes you have made, what self it is that's blaming yourself, what self it is that's projecting that you should have been perfect? And then see how that helps you resolve something and then go from there. You can use the visualization several times. You can ask me directly to help you see what it is you need to see. 



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