How to deal with tactile hallucinations

Question: There’s a type of paranoia called tactile hallucination. This feels like insects crawling on the skin. In some cases, I feel there are real lower astral entities and not hallucinations. However, I feel as if most people invaded by such beings have no tactile feedback of their presence. Why do some people physically feel entities such as these infestations when they have them and others do not?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019. 


Well, the reason why some people feel it and other people don't is that they are more sensitive. Those who feel it are more sensitive than the others. Sensitivity can be a positive or not-so-positive aspect. In some cases people are sensitive in a positive way, which is what allows you to sense the presence of ascended masters or sense the light in our teachings. But there can also be a form of sensitivity that is really that you are too open to certain aspects. There are many of these forms of hallucinations not just insects crawling under your skin, but also hearing voices and many others. What we can say is this, that there are many, many phenomena that take place in the astral plane, what we also call the emotional realm. There certainly can be certain phenomena there that are visibly very like insects, the insects you have in the physical realm. Many of the insects you have in the physical realm are just out-picturings of what is in the physical or what is in the astral realm. They are people whose auras have been invaded by this and because of their sensitivity, they feel this as a physical sensation. There are not physical insects crawling under your physical skin. These exist in the vibrational spectrum of the emotional realm, the astral realm, but you can feel these as physical sensations. This is what you sometimes called phantom sensations where for example, a person that has had a leg amputated will insist that his leg is itching or that there is a certain pain from the leg, even though it isn't physically there. 

Based on this we can discuss, “Is it real or is it not real?” Well, it's not real if by real you mean ‘physical’. You can have a physical feeling, but it doesn't mean that the phenomenon triggering that feeling is physical and therefore, it's not real in a physical sense. It is real in the sense that it is there on the astral plane, but then we can go on to discuss, “Is anything in the astral plane real in an ultimate sense?”  It isn't in the sense that it has no enduring quality. It cannot exist by itself but only when people are feeding it their energy. 

The important point about this is to use the tools we have given you for the protection of Archangel Michael, the cutting free of Astrea so you can be cut free from the astral plane and this can help you in the short run, but you also need to look at then - why you have this sensitivity? This is a delicate topic, because the average person in society does not have that sensitivity. They would not be able to sense if there are astral insects crawling under their skin or they would not be able to sense that if they drink alcohol and become intoxicated beyond a certain level their auras become open to demons or entities or discarnates. They would not be able to sense the vibration in, for example, a place where alcohol is consumed. 

The other aspect of it is: How can you be a spiritual student if you don't have some sensitivity that allows you to sense that there is a spiritual realm beyond the physical and there is a reality to it, there is reality to the ascended masters and to our teachings? The challenge then is to realize that there is a form of sensitivity that is neutral. You may be sensing certain things, but you are not over-interpreting them, you are not disturbed by them, and you can actually learn to shut off the sensitivity to the lower realm. 

For example, when this messenger was a child, he could sense both light and dark energies and he could sense the dark energies in certain places. Today, he doesn't even worry about this, he doesn't feel disturbed by it. He senses it in a more neutral way, of course avoiding certain places, but also not having that certain fear-based sense that he has had as a child. Many of you have experienced something similar when you started using our decrees and invocations. But there can also be a form of sensitivity that is driven by a certain human ambition and we see this in some spiritual people who have an ambition to be special, to be unusual and to have, for example, psychic abilities. 

This is what Jesus talked about when he said: “that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force” because they attempt to take certain special abilities by force and this can in some cases, force people to open their minds in an indiscriminate way. It's difficult to be sensitive to light without being sensitive to darkness because you are really just sensitive to energy vibrations, rather than the kind of sensations you get through the physical senses. If you have forced this in a past life or have done it in this life, then this can cause that kind of sensation where not only your aura becomes open to an invasion of these beings or energies from the astral plane, but you also sense them much more. 

In that case, invocations for protection and being cut free from Astrea will work for a certain time, but you need to really start looking at - what kind of a separate self do you have, that has given you this ambition to have this special ability or this sensation or this sensitivity? There are certain spiritual people that we see and all spiritual movements, even ascended master movements where people have a certain ambition. In some cases it can be a seemingly benign ambition such as they want to be healers or they want to help people resolve their psychology. But, if it is based on this human ambition that comes from a separate self, then it can cause people to be so eager to get a special ability, that they shut down whatever discernment that they have. 

They open themselves up to forces that might not be in the astral plane, but could also be in the mental or even the lower identity realm. This might give people a certain sensation of being special. For example, you have many channellers, who are not channeling ascended masters but are channelling beings in mostly the mental realm, sometimes from the lower identity realm. This is based on a human ambition where you want to be special and therefore you open yourself up to anything that can give you that feeling without really discerning “Is this of the light? Is this taking energy from me?” 

As this messenger has said many times, if he felt that taking a dictation from us would require him to give energy to us then he would know he was not working with the ascended masters because obviously, I'm an ascended being and I don't need energy from anyone on earth. That is why we do not need to be worshipped by people on earth. 


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