Healing wounds from past lives

Question: What exactly does the process of healing wounds and traumas include? How do we heal the wounds from past lives? Do these wounds need to be raised consciously or is it possible to heal them without them being raised simply by recognizing similar situations in this embodiment and changing the decision? And how do I see and identify these wounds?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Well obviously my beloved, we have given the books on this. The “Healing Your Spiritual Traumas” book gives you practical tools and information on this that goes beyond what I can give in a brief answer. It is possible to heal certain wounds without having a conscious awareness of it but as was said in the question “having similar experiences in this life where you are changing the decision.”

However, when we talk about these very deep wounds that were created, for example if you came as an avatar to this planet and you received this very, very dramatic trauma in one of your first embodiments. Then it is necessary to see this consciously because you are probably not going to experience anything similar in this lifetime.

In terms of a separate self, again you need to see it consciously but the question is what can trigger that “seeing it consciously”? It isn't always necessary to go back to when the separate self was created and see that situation where you created it. It is simply necessary to come to identify that there is a pattern in your psychology and you can see that this is not you, it is a separate entity, a separate self in your three higher bodies. When you see that you do not want to repeat this then you can let it go.

It is necessary to understand that a separate self will, in most cases project some kind of problem and that you cannot overcome the self by trying to solve the problem. You need to stop trying to solve it and just let the separate self go.

How do you know what kind of wounds you have? Well, in a sense you will know because you have lived with them all your life. It is of course possible that people can become so used to a wound that they are not really aware that it is a wound or not aware of what it is. That is why, again, we have given the teachings to help you tune in to see these wounds, to see these separate selves and we have also given you the exercises that will help you go through them. My exercise for going through the different gardens and going back to some situation in the past will help you tune in to these wounds from the past.


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