Feeling of not being good enough

Question: How can I be free from the fear of not being good enough, the fear of being rejected and the need for approval by others. 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018. 

By using the teachings we have given on the primal self and the other separate selves. It is a separate self in you that feels it is not good enough. You say; “I am not good enough” but that's because you are identifying yourself with that self. So we have given you the tools and a procedure for gradually coming to separate yourself from that self. Coming to see it as a separate self, realizing that it is the separate self that has that feeling. 

Now you have to understand here that the reason why these separate selves have power over you (or I could say us, when we are in embodiment) is that it is projecting that there is some kind of problem or some kind of condition that needs to be changed. In this case it is projecting that you are not good enough. So from a linear analytical perspective it would seem that in order to overcome the feeling, you have to either change the condition that makes you not good enough or you have to do something that proves it wrong. 

So in other words you have to do something in order to solve the problem that the self projects. But the essential realization is that there is nothing you need to do to solve the problem that the self projects. In fact there is nothing you can do. You can never overcome the sense of being unworthy by trying to work within the boundaries defined by that separate self. The only way out, the absolutely only way out is to dis-identify yourself from the self, come to see it as a separate self and let it die without attempting to solve the problem. 


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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