Is AIDS God's punishment?

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Question: Is AIDS God’s punishment of homosexuals, as some fundamentalist preachers say? I don’t think it can be, but did the Karmic Board decide to let AIDS manifest in order to teach people a lesson about sexuality?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


You are correct that AIDS is NOT God’s punishment. The image of an angry and punishing God is a graven image that was projected upon God during Old Testament times, as I explain elsewhere. It is a false image, and therefore a violation of the second commandment. The true God is a God of unconditional love, as I explain in another answer. I came in part to give people a new image of God, namely that of a loving Father figure with whom people can have a personal relationship.

When I told people to “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” (Matthew 22:37), I essentially told people to leave behind the old image of an angry God. How can you possibly love a God who is angry and ready to punish you for the slightest transgression?

Needless to say, I am saddened by the fact that so many modern Christians hold on to an image of God that has been outdated for 2,000 years and that is in direct opposition to the image of God I gave them. I am even more saddened by the fact that so many Christians use this false image of God to judge and condemn their fellow man. I am further saddened because I know God’s law will not be mocked. So these Christians will inevitably be judged by the same standard whereby they judge others.

As I explain throughout this website, God has created a mechanical law that returns all energy to you that you send into the universe. This is clearly stated in the Bible, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7). One might say that the universe acts like a mirror that reflects back to you whatever you do to others. That is the real reason I told people to do unto others as you would have the universe do unto you.

Thus, AIDS is a product of humankind’s karma, which is the result of their continued misqualification of God’s energy. In this case, the misqualification of energy has occurred through sex, which is why it has been reflected back in the form of a sexually transmitted disease. In particular, the misqualification of energy that has led to the disease of AIDS is that of promiscuous sex. With that I mean sex that is done purely for the gratification of the lower (selfish) emotions and has no deeper feelings of (unselfish) love behind it.

This form of sexual activity is actually based on a disrespect for the body temple as a gift from God and as the vehicle for the lifestream’s liberation from the matter universe. It serves only to further bind the lifestream to the matter universe. Many of the people who engage in loveless sex actually have a – usually unrecognized – hatred for the body. And because human bodies are made from the Mother energies, the Ma-ter light, this is actually a hatred of the Mother. This is the same hatred that started with the fall of Lucifer, as explained by Mother Mary in her discourse.

When a large number of people continue to engage in an activity that misqualifies energy, you have a build-up of tension. You can compare this to water rising behind a dam. The water exerts a pressure on the dam, and it will eventually break through the weakest points. This is simply a mechanical process, and if you know the pressure and know the weakest points in the dam, you can calculate when and where the water will break through.

This is very similar to the karmic tension building when a large number of people engage in promiscuous sex. Obviously, this has been going on for a very long time, so there is much karma that is coming due here at the end of the Piscean Age. This karma must be balanced before humankind can make the leap into the consciousness of the Aquarian Age, and that is why AIDS appeared at this time. During the past decades, beginning in the 1960s, there has been an increase in promiscuous sex and many forms of sexual perversions, such as pornography, sexual slavery, sexual abuse of children etc.

This has built a tension, that started in the emotional realm, which is right above the material realm in vibration. I explain this in grater detail elsewhere. As the tension reaches critical mass, it begins to break through in the material realm, and that is when you see actual physical events, in this case the first outbreaks of the AIDS virus. Obviously, as with the water behind the dam, the first material breakthrough happened in the weakest areas, in this case areas with an ongoing misuse of sexual energy.

I am sure most unbiased people are aware that here is much promiscuity in the gay community and there is much promiscuity in many areas of Africa. In reality, there is no intent whatsoever on God’s part to punish certain groups of people, nor is there a judgment based on race or sexual orientation. It is simply a mechanical effect that when the karmic tension reaches a certain intensity, it will manifest in the lives of the people who are the most vulnerable to this particular form of karmic return. In this case, the vulnerability was caused by an unwillingness to curb the promiscuous sexual activity. In both Africa and the gay community this was due to certain cultural beliefs that made people think promiscuous sex has no negative consequences. These people had turned the deaf ear to the various warnings from both religion and science which indicate that all actions have consequences.

You mention the Karmic Board, which is a group of ascended beings who oversee the spiritual growth of human beings and are assigned to help people free themselves from the downward pull of their karma. Be careful not to transfer the image of a punishing God unto the Karmic Board. In reality, the members of the Karmic Board do not determine who is to receive what karma and when. This is all determined by a purely mechanical law.

What the Karmic Board can do is to hold back a portion of the karma of an individual or a group of people for the purpose of giving an opportunity for spiritual growth. In other words, if a person has shown a great willingness to change in a positive direction, yet the person has a karmic return that would set back the person’s progress, then the Karmic Board can hold back that karma for a season. This allows the person to accumulate good karma, what I called “laying up treasure in heaven" (Matthew 6:19-20), so that it will be easier to pay back the karmic debt.

Yet the Karmic Board does not do this arbitrarily. It is all determined based on how the lifestream is likely to use the opportunity. In other words, the Karmic Board is evaluating what has the greatest potential to assist a lifestream’s spiritual growth. If the lifestream is willing to change, then holding back a certain portion of karma is often the best way to help the person. Yet if a lifestream is not willing to change, then allowing the person to experience the karmic consequences of its actions is often the only possibility of awakening that lifestream to the reality of life, namely that you will reap what you have sown.

In the case of AIDS, there simply were not enough people who were willing to change their attitude to sex that the karma could be held back. This is much like the situation around the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra (Genesis, Chapter 18). This Biblical story describes a situation where a certain people had created a very intense karma based on the misuse of sexual energy—which is the very life force itself and therefore creates intense karma when misused. This karma had become so intense that it was about to spill over into the material realm.

Abraham was used as a messenger by the Karmic Board, and he pleaded with them to spare the city if enough righteous people could be found. As you can surmise from the story, the Karmic Board would actually have spared the city if there had been enough righteous people. Yet when such people could not be found, there was no justification for suspending the karma. Therefore, the law of karma, the law of action and reaction demanded that the energy was allowed to run its natural cause and the cities were destroyed by natural disasters. I am not saying every aspect of this story should be taken literally, yet there is an underlying truth about how karma returns.

In the present age, there is again a karmic return due to the misuse of sexual energy. Yet this is not concentrated in one or two cities but is a worldwide problem. Therefore, the karmic return has taken the form of a sexually transmitted disease, which – of course – can only be transmitted by people who engage in promiscuous sex.

Let me point out that a virus is actually not a creation of God. God never created any virus. All viruses are artificially created in the laboratories of dark forces residing in the emotional/astral realm. The viruses can then be transferred to the material realm in areas where the vibration has become so low that the area vibrates at the level of the astral realm—which is exactly what you have in areas of Africa and certain large cities with intense misuse of sexual energy. Once the virus has crossed over into the material realm, it can then spread through material means—although only people with a karmic vulnerability will get the disease.

Yet I must tell you that in the case of AIDS, this virus first crossed over in certain secret laboratories, and its spread was partially due to an experiment run amok. Obviously, this was done by people who were blinded by their own karma and pride, and were therefore vulnerable to the manipulation of dark forces. And this could not have happened if it had not been for the karmic vulnerability of humankind. My point being that there really is no reason to place particular blame on the people who became the instruments of the crossing over of the AIDS virus. They were simply the focal points of the general karmic vulnerability, and the AIDS virus would have crossed over regardless. In fact, the virus did cross over in separate locations and thus the entire epidemic is not due to one single physical source.

So what is the protection from this virus? Obviously, a reform of one’s actions is the best defense. Stop all promiscuous sex and then move on to change your attitude to sex, seeking to heal your psychology of all unconscious hatred of the Mother light. As I said, the spread of this virus is a mechanical process where the karmic tension that drives the virus mechanically finds the weakest points in society. So make sure you are not one of these weak points when it comes to your sexual behavior and attitude.

Obviously, you can also use Archangel Michael’s Rosary to seal yourself from misqualified sexual energies and use Mother Mary’s rosaries to clear your energy field and transmute ancient karma. Yet such measures will have the maximum effect only if you are sincere about reforming your actions and attitude. In other words, give the Karmic Board the best possible reason to set aside any karma that might make you vulnerable to the AIDS virus. Such measures can also prevent people who are HIV positive from developing actual symptoms, and it can diminish existing symptoms. What I am saying here is that there is a spiritual cure for AIDS, as for any other disease.





Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels

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