Give up the dream of creating the ultimate system that can cure everyone

Question: Can the ascended masters tell us in more detail how to recognize which illusion is behind a particular disease. Is there anyone who has brought information to the material world on this matter under your guidance? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

We are working with many different people, in many different nations, who are open to our guidance, even if they do not recognize our existence, and who also have the medical expertise to understand this. They need to have, of course, the open mindedness of recognizing that there is a connection between a particular physical disease and a particular psychological condition. But there is a growing number of people who are open to this and we are seeking to work with many individuals. We are talking hundreds of individuals around the planet.  I do not want to recognize or acknowledge or point out anyone in particular, because you need to seek this out as it appeals to you individually. You need to use your intuitive faculties and your own knowledge to seek out these teachings and then you need to realize that although there are many of these teachings that are valid, there is not one teaching that is the absolute highest truth, because at the present time, the people who are open to our guidance are only partially open. Most of them have a particular idea, a particular paradigm, as the saying goes, that is their starting point, that is their foundation and in some cases, they believe this is some absolute truth, but it is not. It is just one particular starting point, one particular perspective.

Now, we may still be able to take a person who has this and work with them within the context of their paradigm, their starting point, and give them some valid ideas. But it doesn't mean that this is the highest possible teaching we could give. We could give that, if we had people who were more open, who are more neutral, so to speak, and not as eager to fit this into a particular system. Because there is a very old dream, and we have talked about this before, how much of it comes from the fallen beings actually, of creating the ultimate system, the ultimate knowledge where you could create, for example, a clinic, and any person who came through the door would be put through a series of tests and diagnostics and then they would come out in the end with a list of the psychological conditions they needed to resolve in order to overcome a particular disease.

This is not how we envision it. There are many people who dream of this and they are unfortunately, many of these people who are partially open to us, who have a personal ambition of attaining fame, some even fortune by bringing forth this ultimate system of healing that can help everyone. Unfortunately, this ambition often blocks them from being neutral enough to realize that you will never create just one system that works for all people. There need to be many different systems, there need to be different systems in different parts of the world, different approaches, I should say, rather than systems, because cultures are different. You cannot take a person who has grown up in a modern country and apply, and come up with a system and then take a person who has grown up in Africa, South America and apply the same system. It will not work because once you deal with a psychology, there are so many individual factors that ultimately, you can create only an approach that helps people gain intuitive insights from inside themselves, from their I AM Presences, from the ascended masters. So the dream of creating this ultimate system that can cure everyone is an impossible dream. It will be constructive for people to give it up because they would then become better tools for us to bring forth what they can bring forth, which could be very valid for a certain group of people. But give up this idea that you can create one thing that works for everyone. Resolving psychological issues is not and can never be reduced to a mechanical process.

The primary reason why you cannot reduce psychology to a mechanical process is that it is not possible to define anything in the psychology as an isolated phenomenon. What science has been attempting to do now for centuries is to use the reductionist approach. You take a certain condition, you reduce it to a very simple cause, one cause creates one phenomenon and this is not the way it works in human psychology, because human psychology is a whole. You can take a certain disease, and you can say that there is a certain psychological condition that corresponds to the disease, but you cannot then go in and resolve that psychological condition and automatically remove the physical aspect of the disease, because there may be several connected conditions in the psyche that need to be resolved before you can see a physical result. That is why you cannot create one system that will work for all people, because each person, even if two people have the same disease, each person may need to resolve several psychological issues in order to deal with a physical disease and that means they might need more than one system. 

Now, I am not trying to discourage people from seeking to develop these connections between the psychology and the physical health. I am just wanting people to realize that this is a complex issue, that will take quite some time to develop to the point where it can replace physical medicine. At some point in a golden age, there will be very little physical medicine, except some surgery. What you today consider medicine will be replaced by this psychological healing, but this will take time because it is a very complex process.



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