How to approach a life-threatening illness

Question: This question is about chemotherapy. If a student of the ascended masters has been diagnosed with cancer, will chemotherapy be an appropriate treatment? Or should other ways of healing be considered? What must the student learn from this challenge, and should he or she try to heal himself or herself while going through a destructive treatment methods such as therapy?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019. 

It's clear that chemotherapy and many other forms of therapy developed by current medical science is not the highest option. There will come a point where people will look back, and they will think that this is just as primitive as when doctors today look back at the Middle Ages and bloodletting and other forms of therapies used back then. But nevertheless, you live in the time you live in. And if you have been diagnosed with a serious disease, we always recommend that you pursue all available options. However, given the nature of chemotherapy, I would recommend that you very much consider how advanced the cancer is. Do you have time before you need to apply chemotherapy? And if you do, then I recommend that you use all other available treatments, including of course, using alternative medicine, diet, and other forms of physical treatments.

Again, of course, we always look for any challenge like this to be an opportunity to change your consciousness, to look at what selves you have, what fixed thought patterns you might have, or emotional patterns you might have and then begin to resolve them as well. For this situation where you are facing a life-threatening illness, it might be appropriate to use various forms of therapy, psychological therapy, that can help you resolve deep seated psychological issues in a more concentrated way. So use whatever means are practical and available to you in a situation depending on your individual diagnosis and how much time you have.


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