The brain, the brain disease and spiritual growth

Question: This question is about the brain. If an ascended master student who follows a spiritual path faces a situation where his brain malfunctions or deteriorates due to dementia, amnesia or other reasons, then does his spiritual growth stop, delay or even regress during that lifetime? And what will be the meaning of the event in the spiritual aspect if it occurs in a student despite his eagerness to grow? And how can a student overcome such a condition and continue the process of spiritual growth? And would you comment on the function and role of the physical brain in terms of spiritual growth and the spiritual cause of its defect?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019. 

We are facing a very, very complicated planet with a very, very complicated situation, not only in the collective consciousness but in terms of individual people--what they have in their psyche, what they carry with them from past lives. It is almost impossible to say anything general about such conditions. You have the example of a previous messenger of the ascended masters who ended up contracting Alzheimer's and spent quite a number of years in a state of advanced dementia and not being able to remember even her closest relatives. And many, many ascended master students at the time were wondering how this could happen to a person who was a messenger. There are cases where it is actually done because, as Guru Ma has explained herself, that it allowed her to still have a physical body that gave her an anchor point in the physical octave while she was working on herself, but also being able to release energy and light through the physical body, even though she was not conscious of this happening. So there can be cases like this. 

There can also, as we have said before, be people who have severe mental handicaps and yet have Buddhic attainment, and so even though they cannot seemingly do anything with the physical body, the fact that they have a physical body means they can release light through that body and its chakras. But this isn't to say that this is always the case if an ascended master student contracts Alzheimer's or similar forms of diseases. There can be karmic reasons; there can be such a complicated psychology from past lives that the student isn't able to see these selves and let go of these selves; there can be an unwillingness to go deep enough into the psychology. But there can also be certain situations where you simply have the genes you have because of your family background. You have certain genes that predispose your physical body to contract not only an illness like this, but any illness. We have, of course, examples of ascended master students or other spiritual students that have followed other paths, who died of various diseases, various physical diseases, because there are certain conditions that simply cannot be overridden. And you will see that even the Buddha came to a point where he died, his physical body died. This is not something you need to be overly concerned about, in the sense that you make it worse for yourself by feeling you must have done something wrong and therefore adding sort of insult to injury, adding the psychological pain to the physical issue. We have seen ascended master students who contract any kind of physical illness and 

blame themselves for not having done something right or not having been eager enough on the path. This is rarely the reason. It can sometimes be the reason but it is rarely the reason. What you can do, of course, when you become aware that you have a certain physical illness [is that] you can take this as an opportunity to truly work on your psychology, to try to resolve as much psychology as you can, to try to look deeper and deeper, using the tools we have given you, going to the birth trauma, looking at the separate selves that you have. As I said, you may have a completely physical genetic inheritance from your family background that you cannot override, and you knew this before you came into embodiment, but you decided that you wanted the opportunity anyway, even if it means dying at an early age. I'm not saying that you should blame yourself, but I'm saying that if you are aware that you have a certain illness, then use that as an opportunity to really work on your psychology because even if it doesn't change the physical situation, it will certainly help your spiritual growth. You can never lose by doing that. 

Now, in terms of the brain and its relationship to spiritual growth, well, the brain doesn't produce spiritual growth. It simply doesn't have the ability to do this. It can, of course, hinder your spiritual growth by physical conditions [such as] illnesses in the brain. It's obvious that the more conscious you are, and the more clear you are, and the more clearly you're able to think, then that's an advantage. If you have some kind of brain condition that prevents this, then it's a clear disadvantage. But again, you need to then look at why do you have this condition and, as I said, it could be genetic inheritance that can be difficult to do anything about. But it could also be as a result of certain unresolved psychology from past lives going back to your birth trauma, and in that case, you can possibly relieve the symptoms by working on it. And in either case, you can never go wrong, you can never lose, by working on your psychology. The brain cannot in itself produce spiritual growth. I know there are students who will claim that they have taken drugs or are taking drugs to give them these supposedly spiritual experiences. But we have commented on this before; the drugs can only affect the brain and the brain can produce all kinds of experiences, but the experiences are not the same as spiritual growth because spiritual growth is when you shift your consciousness. In many cases you will actually see people who take these drugs and have these experiences and it makes them feel very special and this hinders their spiritual growth because it actually reinforces that separate self that gave them the need to feel special as a result of their birth trauma. 


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