The ethical dilemmas in medicine of the 21st century

Question: Would the masters please comment on the Do Not Resuscitate form, also known as a living will or Advanced Medical Directive, required by hospitals. What are the spiritual outcomes with requesting in advance that medical staff pull the plug on patients who are in a vegetative state?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018. 

Well, in a certain sense the hospitals are doing this to avoid lawsuits and protect themselves but they're also doing it for other practical reasons such as cutting costs so they are not forced to keep patients alive.

From a spiritual perspective, it is actually simply one step in the evolution of society that you require people to become more conscious of the different possibilities that can happen. It is partly a consequence of the fact that medical technology has advanced to a point where it is possible to keep the body alive beyond what we might call the natural lifespan, if there is such a thing as a natural lifespan.

There are indeed cases where the soul has withdrawn from the body because the soul knew it was time to move on but doctors have used medical technology to keep the body artificially alive. If you keep the body artificially alive, it is very difficult for the soul to completely let go of the body. This can, for some people, mean that they cannot move into the light, they cannot move on in their normal cycles. They can in extreme cases end up becoming discarnate souls as a result of their bodies being kept artificially alive.

Now of course, there is nothing that can be said about this topic that can be applied to all people. There have of course been people who have been in a coma even for years and have woken up. There have been people who have reached a certain level of spiritual attainment where even though they were in a coma they could still hold a spiritual balance for the Earth because having a physical body in a coma still gave them an anchor point in the physical octave.

It is, as with many questions that come up in society, not possible to give a black-and-white answer and say this is the way it always is. It is perfectly in keeping with the raising of awareness that people begin to deal with these more complicated ethical and moral questions that previous generations didn't face because the technology wasn't there. Ultimately the only outcome of this is that people increase their intuition, their attunement, their Christ discernment so that they can decide.

This applies to the families who might have to decide for a person who was in a coma but it also applies of course to the people who before they are admitted to a hospital are asked to sign one of these forms. It requires them to have some kind of attunement and tune in.

I’m perfectly aware that at this point many of the people who are forced to sign such a release form do not have that attunement. Nevertheless you have to start somewhere to create a new track in the collective consciousness that can then help people gradually begin to have a debate about this, gradually begin to raise awareness so that people can think this through before they are standing there or lying there being admitted to the hospital; so they know how to deal with this or at least have had some time to decide what they are going to do individually.


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