How to heal a chronic disease?

Question: This is a two-part question but I feel it’s the same, so I am going to try to bridge it together. This person is asking what is the deeper meaning behind chronic disease and also mystery illnesses like autoimmune diseases. They keep working on their psychology and healing the physical body but the problem keeps coming back. They never know when it will strike again and modern science has not been any help. It’s only been able to suppress the condition and that is relating to the autoimmune problem and that there’s very little information about what this person can do for themselves. They’d like to know, is there more that they can look at to know how to help them transcend this? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

There are two concerns in these cases of chronic disease. One is that for some people it is really part of their divine plan that they live with this disease and demonstrate how to still live as constructive of a life as possible even with the disease because this can help other people realize that even if they cannot escape a certain condition, they can still live a somewhat constructive and happy or at least somewhat joyful life. But for other people, they are meant to demonstrate that you can transcend the disease and the way to do this is of course, to go deeper and deeper into the psychology. Deeper and deeper, letting go of more and more of these selves, getting down to the primal self and letting that go. 

Now, it’s clear that when it comes to any kind of a disease there is always more knowledge that can be revealed about it. Modern science has gotten to a certain understanding of some of these diseases and it cannot go beyond it, it seems. The reason they cannot go beyond it is of course that science is stuck in a materialistic paradigm where everything that is a physical effect has to have a physical explanation, a physical cause and when science or scientists decide to let go of this paradigm, they will find deeper causes, deeper explanations, deeper knowledge. 

This will enable them, in some cases to help with this. But you need to recognize that there are some diseases where science will never discover a physical cure. But they will when they transcend the materialistic paradigm, discover a way to help people at the physical, emotional, mental and identify levels. This is where you can say this is no longer science as you define it today. It is where science begins to blend with mysticism or spirituality and you realize that everything is really a psycho-spiritual issue, a psycho-spiritual problem and has a psycho-spiritual solution. 

What you can do on a personal level is use the teachings on how to deal with the separate selves and the primal self. Look at the selves that you have created in order to deal with the disease. Look beyond them. Look at your attitude to life on earth. Look at your attitude to the physical body and realize that you have separate selves that are reacting to the physical body, reacting to life on earth and then use our teachings to get rid of these separate selves. Then you will gradually have a stronger intuition so you can know, “should I live with this disease or should I continue to seek for ways, deeper and deeper psycho-spiritual healing, until I can transcend it?”.


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