The vision for health care in the Golden Age

Question: What is the vision for health care in the Golden Age?


Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in  2018.

Well, the vision in the Golden Age is that we see, exactly as Mother Mary said, that the physical body is an expression of the three higher bodies and therefore we work with all four bodies in order to provide healing. In the Golden Age, health care will not be a matter of healing illness but of preventing it from becoming physical. Physical tools will be developed that will allow the display of images of people’s emotional, mental and identity bodies on a computer screen but there will also in the Golden Age be more and more people who can read people’s auras and therefore see the energetic patterns in the three higher bodies that will manifest as disease in the physical unless they’re dealt with at the energetic level. So energy medicine will, of course, be the main form of medicine in the Golden Age, although surgery will still be needed in some cases.

The need for this physical intervention by doctors will gradually become less and less as we move into the Golden Age. There will come a point where it is not the most important part of medicine but is something that is used in certain emergency situations. Even in the Golden Age there will still be people who have karma, there will still be accidents so that people will break their bones and need to have surgery, there might still in rare cases be people who develop appendicitis or other forms of illness that require surgery. What I can definitely say in the Golden Age is, that the present state of using chemicals to mask symptoms of a disease instead of healing the underlying cause will completely fade away at some point. The drug companies will just simply collapse and go out of existence unless they are able to transition themselves into providing a different form of service. Most of them probably will not be able to do this and therefore you will see the emergence of other companies that are dedicated to providing holistic health care and preventing disease instead of curing it, so to speak, which really is just masking the symptoms.

You will also see in the Golden Age that there will be a growing awareness – and this will take some time before most people get this – but there will be a growing awareness that your physical health and of course your mental health, very much is tied into not only your material lifestyle but even your psychological lifestyle, your approach to life. In other words, people will not be in the situation where they live an unhealthy lifestyle and when their body breaks down they go to the doctor and say, “Cure me or get rid of the symptoms.” Doctors will not be sitting there waiting for their patients to be carried into their offices. They will be outgoing. Health care professionals will be outgoing. People will, as we move further into the Golden Age, be taught from an early age how to have good mental and physical health, how to adopt a lifestyle that promotes good health. In the beginning, in the transition period, there will be a need for society to enact certain laws that make it much more difficult for people to live an unhealthy lifestyle. There will come a point when you go further into the Golden Age, where this will fade away. People will naturally choose a healthy lifestyle because the collective consciousness has been raised to that level but there will be an interim period where you see what you already see to some degree now, where some nations put an extra tax on cigarettes or alcohol, for example, in order to lower the incentive and make it more expensive for people to use these substances.

This will go much further, even to the point of educating people about food. You can also say that as the drug companies fade away in the Golden Age, so will the fast-food companies and the companies that create these artificial foods where the focus is on providing a kind of food that people want to eat because it tastes good but also is very convenient to eat and has a long shelf life so that the stores and the manufacturing companies can make the maximum profit on it. In other words there is no consideration for how healthy the food is and this will fade away in the Golden Age. These companies will simply go out of business and be replaced by what you already see starting to emerge, some companies that provide healthy foods. There will be so many changes in this area in the Golden Age that fifty years from now, you will scarcely recognize the food industry or the medical industry that you have today.


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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