A holistic approach to healing must incorporate dealing with the psyche

Question: How can a spiritually aware health care professional help people achieve holistic healing and support them in taking responsibility for their own healing?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in  2018.

Well it very much depends on what kind of health care professional you are and how restricted is the environment in which you are working. What opportunities do you have to talk to people? What allowances, what freedom, do you have to recommend other forms of healing or therapy? If you have a situation where, for example, you are an individual counselor and people come to you on an individual basis then obviously you have great freedom to share with them what we have talked about: the universal aspects, the path to higher levels of awareness, the way to heal your spiritual traumas. Basically holistic health means that you understand that the physical body is not an isolated unit, that it very much is tied into the psyche and that the psyche and the body form a unit- that is the true meaning of holistic healing.

So you realize that all physical symptoms have a parallel in the psyche and therefore true healing must incorporate the psyche. We’re not saying that people shouldn’t take physical measures that are necessary to save their lives and keep them in embodiment but we are saying that a holistic approach to healing must, of course, incorporate dealing with the psyche, helping people heal their traumas and overcome reactionary patterns. So if you have the possibility to recommend this to people then you should use it. If you can’t; then be at peace with helping people within the context of where you are working. Or if you don’t feel you can do that then go to another field where you have the opportunity to help people.


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