Allergies of preschool children

Question: Regarding allergies of preschool children, in Jesus' answer about allergies he said that the understanding of the true origin of allergies is psychological due to a traumatic experience that causes the soul to develop fear of a particular substance or condition. Since the only way to completely solve the problem is to use psychological techniques to enter the depth of the psyche and heal the initial trauma, how can this be done with preschool children?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018


It cannot really be done with the current tools that are available in psychology. There may at some point be brought forth tools that are more aimed at working with children but there is not much you can do there. You can decree for your children and call for their protection. 

You can use of course whatever physical measures are available to alleviate an allergy or at least reduce the symptoms. You need to simply allow the children to grow to an age where they are able to take more responsibility for their individual path and begin to work on their psychology. The best you could do to facilitate that process is to walk the path yourself and work on your own psychology. As best you can, share that process with your children so they have seen you doing it and look at it as something natural.


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