Spiritual perspective on autism

Question: It is about my work. I work with children who have autism and who are handicapped. My question is what is the spiritual message to why there are so many children born on earth with autism and the medical world gives them a lot of medication and what can I do as an ascended master student to help them.


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

Again there are various reasons why certain children have autism. You begin to realise I trust that it is very difficult on a planet like earth to give universal absolute explanations that apply to all cases. There are children with Autism who have a high level of spiritual development. They come in with this handicap or even other handicaps because they recognize that when they are in physical embodiment, they have an opportunity to (so to speak) hold the spiritual balance for the earth and help raise the collective consciousness. They feel that whatever they did in an active way would actually detract from that. So they are anchored in the physical octave but they are not pulled into physical activities and therefore they are able to work at higher levels and hold that spiritual balance.

There are other life streams who manifest autism because they have a lower state of consciousness. In some cases it is simply because they have such a low state of consciousness from past lives that they need to be given an opportunity to be in embodiment. This can very, very slowly bring some healing so that in their next life time they can actually begin to grow. In this life time they can't really move on and that's why they don't have normal awareness but they are still in embodiment.

There are some who have gone into such darkness and evil: that for complicated karmic reasons they need to be given the opportunity to be in embodiment. They are not able to maintain a normal state of awareness and if they were they would make so much more karma for themselves and create so much more havoc. There are many life streams who are like this who are not allowed to come into physical embodiment but they go into the astral plane, a part of the emotional realm. There are a few that for a variety of complex reasons are allowed to take on a body so that they can be in embodiment and thereby they can have an opportunity to sense what life is like in the physical octave. In a sense they have an opportunity to sense that they themselves are completely powerless and they can then realise that this is what they have done to other people in past lives – enslaved them, make them powerless. 

Strange as it may seem sometimes this can bring a shift in consciousness where they have a desire to overcome this state of consciousness where they now realise that it was what they did to others that caused themselves to be in this situation. So what can you do for them! Well you can always if you feel this is part of your divine plan, you can make the calls for them. You will if you work with this, gradually be able to increase your intuition so you can sense what you can do on an individual level. The darker life streams you can make calls for them to be cut free from demons, discarnates, entities even darker forces. 

You can if you feel so inclined (but I don't necessarily say you should do this) make calls for the transmutation of some their karma. For the darkest lifestreams there is not so much you can do therefore I encourage you not to put too much attention on it. Then there are the spiritually evolved life stream's who are here just to use the physical body as an anchor point and you don't really need to do much for them. Then there are the ones that are in between, this is where you can have more effect by making the calls but also in many cases by talking to them if you have the opportunity to do so, especially if you can be alone with a child, you can talk to them as if they were not in a handicapped state. Of course at higher levels they do have awareness, by talking to them you can help them heal and help them grow. Really it is so individual that you need to use the tools to increase your attunement and your discernment as to how to use your energy and your attention. Whether it can actually help that life stream or has little chance of having any effect or whether it isn't needed.


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